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Ashton Rose Gives Us Upbeat Edge In, "GIRLNEXTDOOR"

At 23 years old Denver, Colorado, is home to the up-and-coming artistic styles of Ashton Rose. Playing into a sound that brings out the highs and lows of every situation, his relationship with music is a consistent one that has taken him through all necks of life.

Evolving through his journey and embracing the artist he is today, the reflections that live within each Ashton Rose release is a growth he remains proud of. The gritty and raw resonance of his latest single, "GIRLNEXTDOOR," has us welcoming in a genre-defying sound that catches our attention immediately upon pressing play. Simmering in a nostalgic 80s rock-infused sound that is reminiscent of Nirvana, the upbeat elements that accompany this grunge-esque dimension has us sipping on glimmers of pop.

There's a seamless execution that funnels through Ashton Rose's timbres as he embodies a dramatization that is wholeheartedly felt through each smoldering vocal note professed. Cascading an effortless vocal performance filled with poise atop an edgy musical foundation, there's a spiral of attitude that is weaved throughout "GIRLNEXTDOOR." Taking his unapologetic persona and applying it to this composition, we get to pick up on personal and artistic hues that form the grand scheme of all that is "GIRLNEXTDOOR."

Be prepared to feel the buoyancy submerging your speakers as the earworm hook have you drowning in impactful repetition. Containing all trademarks of an indie-pop/rock anthem, Ashton Rose delivers without any disappointment in the witty and magnetic sounds. Continuing to climb the ladder of success, the skyrocketing techniques of Ashton Rose are unique traits that we'll happily sink our teeth into.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ashton Rose. We love everything about your new single, "GIRLNEXTDOOR." What moment or story inspired the poised chaotic glory that hails from this track?

Appreciate the love, guys. Some songs just happen & this was one of those. Production up, and the lyrics just started flowing. Most definitely proud of this track. I might have had a couple of flashbacks about past flings to help the creative process, haha. Once I start with one lyric, the rest just follows.

Do your soundscapes always tend to focus on such upbeat and vibrant instrumentation? How would you classify your signature sound?

Most definitely not. I feel like an artist; I am very diverse. It's all about the feeling of what the production gives me. You can hear me on a sad beat talking about life or an upbeat production like "GIRLNEXTDOOR," just trying to have a good time. If I had to classify my sound, it's all about how I feel. Not one song of mine will sound the same.

What central theme do you hope your audience can reflect on when taking in "GIRLNEXTDOOR?"

Being young, dumb, and at the moment. I just want to have fun. Old flings, new flings, no matter what it is. Just something to relate to; We both know what we were waiting for.

Since each song you release focuses on a piece of yourself, what does this track say about you as an artist and your growth this far?

I feel that this record shows my whole sound and is put off. I feel like I have almost mastered my sound and who I am as an artist. I love to see it. Been making music since a little kid, im excited to see what's next for me.

What is your mission statement as an artist? What is the main message you want your audience to take away from the music you create?

The best part about making music is knowing that everyone feels something different with every lyric & beat. A song can touch someone in ways that won't happen to others. I think that's just cool as hell. I didn't have many family and friends there for me, but I was had music to fall back on. Haha, I know some sappy shit, but I just feel like I've been through so much, I can help others out.


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