ATM $TACK$ Has You Hanging On To Each Word Performed In, "Floating"

After moving to Los Angeles and placing hope in pursuing his music career full time, ATM $TACK$ came to the realization that there is great purpose in creating music with intention.

By taking the reins of his own journey, he buckled down and grew the proper team in order to bring his vision to a clearer view.

Being a rapper and songwriter who focuses his attention on the art of conscious rap, ATM $TACK$ puts the business first in this dog eat dog world. With that, he brought forth, ‘Humble Boyz Entertainment,’ an independent record label that strives to promote underground artists and share with them the proper guidance needed to make it an independent artist.

With the captivating essence of his latest single, “Floating,” ATM $TACK$ delves into the fundamental basis of his conscious bars that mold your mind with wondrous thoughts. The mid-tempo instrumentation takes a more elusive approach as it gently trickles its way into the speakers. However, the delicate touch of the production components from beatmaker, Ismaeljam land in a fairly prevailing manner as the composition meshing together as a whole infiltrates your mind with thought-provoking fusion.

Allowing his lyricism to kick into high gear, ATM $TACK$ attacks themes of not seeing the end in sight as his inner compass sways him in numerous directions. Ultimately, the feeling of being lost, and “floating out to sea.” As ATM $TACK$ takes the helm of his own life, he offers his listeners into the world that he elusively creates through witty metaphors and enticing rhyme schemes.

In the land of the cognizant cadences laid down before us, ATM $TACK$ knows how to custom an atmosphere to relate to his fan base on an intrapersonal level. With the release of, “Floating,” we see his gripping lyrical dexterity executed in a seamless manner as ATM $TACK$ continues to shed raw emotion.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, ATM $TACK$! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Floating.” In your own words, could you please share the meaning behind the lyrics on this track?

The meaning behind the lyrics for "Floating" is basically a metaphor for being lost in your own life, trying to find your way. It's easy to get off track and off course, and lose sight of what it is that you truly want to pursue. Eventually, we have to make the decision, do I chase my dreams, or do I pursue a stable career. In this case, I chose to chase my dreams after studying to be a landscape architect for 4 years.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process for, “Floating,” was like? Was it similar or different to how you usually take on the art?

The creative process for "Floating" was pretty simple. This was one of the first projects that I created with Ismaeljam, a producer from Turkey with who I've come to grow a strong relationship. Ever since I met him, we have been making insanely great music. Working with him makes the creative process all that more simple. I truly catch a vibe when I hear the music he has created, making the lyrics spill out within minutes. Not much writing ever goes into my process. If the vibe is there, it's automatically a hit.

How do you allow your musical and non-musical influences to speak into the music that you create?

My music and nonmusical influences have a great deal to do with the music I create on a daily basis. Being that I make conscious hip hop music, it is very hard to break through to a fanbase on all algorithms. This has not stopped me with my process of creation in any way. It has made me work harder and find ways around things, creating systems that work in my favor to reach a fan base that enjoys my music. Seeing artists such as Isaiah Rashad, Earthgang, Saba, Aaron May, J. Cole, Mick Jenkins, and many more give me hope that I can eventually reach a fan base that brings in a steady income having a significant amount of monthly listeners. Besides many conscious hip hop artists that have opened the doors for themselves, I have a past that tends to haunt me as I am sure many people do. I use my past and life experiences to create meaningful music that has a serious message as well as a chill and catchy vibe making it fun at the same time.

What can your audience expect to see from you in terms of releases this year?

My audience can expect a lot from me this year. With seeing over 300,000 streams on Spotify and continuing to grow, I will be releasing a new song every 2-3 weeks for the next year while working on a second album & an EP. After taking my time to grow in my music for the past 3 years, I have finally built a team that understands my artistic vision making things very comfortable & easier to work.

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

The music I create is conscious hip hop. It has deep meaning to me with the fact that I can go deep into real life situations we as human beings can face while growing up and trying to make something of ourselves. Conscious hip hop has been a challenge for us artists to break through on all algorithms. Not many editorial playlists like to playlist conscious hip hop artists making it extremely hard for them to break through to a mainstream fan base. With the help of all of my supporters, I hope to see a breakthrough in my music career very soon.