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Audrey de Boer Takes Our Breath Away With Soulful New Single “S L E E P"

From a suburb near Vancouver, British Columbia, 18-year-old Audrey de Boer is taking fans’ breath away with her new single “S L E E P"

Born with a voice like none other, she is harnessing her vocal and songwriting talent as she pursues a career as an artist. Through her platform, Audrey aims to connect with her audiences through her lyrics; giving fans the ability to relate her music to their own experiences and feelings. She focuses her lyrics on lust, love, vulnerability, fears, and self-power. With her newest release “S L E E P," Audrey de Boer sets a melodramatic tone with a mezzo-piano introduction.

The cords are initially soft and sparse. As she begins to sing, Audrey’s angelic voice is on display as it compliments the subtle piano. She immediately showcases her intrinsic vocal talent with a voice as smooth as butter, and trills that feel like the flutter of butterflies. After a while, “S L E E P" begins to dig deeper into your soul as Audrey incorporates passionate electronic soundscapes.

In addition to a relaxed beat, some of the sound effects are mysterious and gut-wrenching; comparable to a Billie Eilish song. In addition to the soulful musical production of “S L E E P," Audrey touches her audience with lyrics that are relatable and emotional.

Hello Audrey, we are so happy to have you with us at BuzzMusic. It is clear to us that you have a natural vocal talent, what made you decide to pursue a career in music?

Music has never been a question for me since before I can even remember I’ve had music running through my blood. I was always the kid that was subconsciously singing, people would tell me “you’re always singing” and my response is just “I was?”. One of my favorite sayings is to “stay close to things that feel like sunshine”, and music is my sunshine.

What is your inspiration when writing and producing your music?

All of my projects are personal and deep and as you dive into the lyrics you will find that is very well-reflected. I always find myself writing lyrics randomly that I will later when I am writing, take, and incorporate in a song. Lol, my songs are based on my own experiences and feelings which is how my lyrics reflect such raw feeling. I always hope that my listeners can relate my lyrics to their own life experiences and always vibe to my music exploring lust, love, vulnerability, fears, and finding your self-power.

Can you elaborate on the message behind the lyrics of “Sleep?”

S L E E P is a song that talks about the trauma of fears haunting your mind at night and leaving you sleepless. The song can be related to situations that terrify anyone at night. A creepy, powerful song about reclaiming yourself from fears or abuse that make you feel trapped and/or held down but you know that someday you are going to get through it and you will be okay. I hope that my lyrics will resonate with my listeners as the meaning of the lyrics may hit home with people even with different fears and struggles. I wrote S L E E P about sleep paralysis which I have experienced and still struggle with. Fear and anxiety are the roots of this song and I feel that I needed the vibe of the song to be much rawer than my previous songs.

Are there any artists who have inspired your music style? How do they influence your music?

All artists influence my music, I like to believe that I open myself up to all music genres and when I listen to other artists I wholeheartedly take in the lyrics, the vibe, and the talents behind the song. As I’ve developed as an artist, I have to say I hear music differently, but it will never change the way a song hits me for the first time. There are just so many artists that influence my love for music, but overall I find my inspiration from the lyrics I write and the meaning/feeling I want my listeners to receive and connect with.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

2020 has undoubtedly been a journey but I think that just makes the inspiration even more prevalent. Being home so much has given me more time to focus on writing and keeps the songs coming faster. With my latest single S L E E P being just released, the next thing for me will be a music video and I will have another single coming soon too.


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