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August Roads Captures the Amusing Nature of Embarrassment on New Single “Flat on My Face"

Accomplished actor to a flourishing artist, August Roads takes genre-mixing to a new level in his recently released single "Flat on my Face." This catchy, upbeat song describes falling so hard for someone you look like a complete idiot. Through the warm, joyful beat, August Roads takes listeners through common struggles with his humorous lyrics and encourages them to find a piece of themselves within his sound.

"Flat on My Face" is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and sway in your step due to its upbeat nature and beachy vibes. August Road's calming voice is sure to keep listeners amused and relax as they bob their heads to his humorous lyrics and memorable lighthearted sound. This catchy upbeat song mixes hip hop, rap, pop, and alternative sounds to express entertaining and embarrassing situations everyone can relate to.

This addictive beat and melody will have you pressing replay just to sing the catchy lyrics and listen to the joyful, upbeat sound one more time.

We are loving your new single “Flat on My Face.” Tell us a little bit about the backstory of writing this particular song?

I really wanted to make a song that expressed the feeling of pursuing someone that is not right for you. I've had a lot of situations where my trauma and ideas of what I deserved blinded me from the obvious red flags. It gets lonely as hell in Los Angeles, and sometimes you get desperate. I know people will relate to it even if they don't want to admit they have been a "simp" (I hate that word btw) for someone, I think this is the "simp" national anthem. You mentioned that “no one genre can express the truth of a moment and human emotion”, thus, how do you feel your sound is able to so successfully duplicate the joyful and humorous struggle of falling for someone so hard you look foolish? Thank you for saying I expressed that struggle successfully! As much of a failure as I felt like when I experienced the real-life inspiration for this song, I’m blessed that I’m able to channel some higher power to sing these. But Bubba my bear writes all the stuff so I give him the credit for being able to digest my failures and successes and express them in a way that is relatable.

This song definitely has an upbeat and catchy sound, how were you able to create this while keeping the song somewhat mellow and calm?

I would have to give all the credit to my amazing friend and producer, Daniel Jordan Weber, he creates soundscapes that really allow Bubba and me to tell a story! Looking forward, what do you see your goals being for this piece and other pieces in the future? Are you looking to create more songs like this one or take a new route entirely?

My goal with this song is to push it until everyone who needs to hear it has a chance to hear it! I definitely want to ride this sonic wave until I earn the trust of my fan base and can switch it up! I wanted to create something like the late XXXTentacion (rip) did in his career, but of course with an August and Bubba flare. I really admired how he made music how he felt in the moment rather than sticking to one sound.

What has been keeping you inspired this year? What can we expect to see next from you? I definitely have to give it to God first and foremost for sticking with me and reminding me that a light that is dim can still light up a dark room, and giving me the strength to heal and become a brighter light. Of course my family, Nishi, my beautiful manager and best friend, and all the amazing angels in my circle that push me to be my best self. I know in the near future I’m going to be dropping a single every month but I'm looking forward to creating a relationship with all the new fans that haven’t heard of me yet. I want to tell a story that we all can look back on and be proud that we believed in each other's vision and created something magic together. This isn’t just my dream, it's for anyone who has ever given me their heart and energy was and will be so necessary towards manifesting this world! My next single will be dropping on January 13!

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