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Austin David Brings a Warm Musical Escape With, “CAL-EUPHORIA”

Returning to BuzzMusic better than ever, Austin David is back with his recent single and soon to be summer anthem “CAL-EUPHORIA.” Keeping positivity as a main theme throughout his music, Austin David mentioned that he thrives in uplifting dance songs with feel-good summer atmospheres. Serving precisely this with his pop-infused single “CAL-EUPHORIA,” Austin David provides electronic hi-fi production through the filtered electric guitar, blood-pumping synths, and an overall intoxicating rhythm letting us anticipate future summer memories. With textured beat drops and Austin David’s classic and clear vocals, we’re truly sent to tropical places through this musical escape.

Opening as bright as day with ambient electric guitar picking and Austin David’s layered background vocals, “CAL-EUPHORIA” establishes those warm vibes within seconds. With added electronic drum breaks and Austin David’s vocals, he sings a classic love song of feeling free and electric with someone who’s energy takes you to warm and picturesque places. The production stands so clear and strong within this track, perfectly emphasizing the atmosphere at the beat drop while giving us a new build that heightens our energy. With added filters overtop Austin David’s vocals, we get a fresh and modern feel through prime electro-pop. Releasing “CAL-EUPHORIA” at the perfect time for us to get ready for summer, Austin David always finds unique ways to make us remember his music.

Be sure to find “CAL-EUPHORIA” here.

Hey Austin David, welcome back to BuzzMusic! We’re completely mesmerized by your anthemic summer single “CAL-EUPHORIA”. What was your driving inspiration behind the creation of this track?

I had this idea for a big theme like this for maybe a year or so. I had written like 2 or 3 songs with similar lyrics but it just wasn't popping like I wanted it to. Finally, we got the right music and melody's to go with the lyrics. Just a feel-good California bop. All the good feels.

Within your recent single “CAL-EUPHORIA”, Austin David incorporates soaring electronic production that enhances those summer party atmospheres. How did your creative process lead you towards this electro-pop sound, rather than any other approach you experimented with?

My producer and good buddy Rokman is a genius producer. He works on his craft 24/7 and when we got in the studio to collab he had a clear vision of the structure. I really dig clean, punchy, future pop-house type music. It's got all the elements I dig in a pop song pulling from older influences like RHCP to newer stuff like Milky Chance.

Since the last time Austin David was featured on BuzzMusic, you mentioned that you wanted to take a step back from live shows and re-brand in 2020. Could you elaborate on what changes you plan on making with this re-branding situation?

I'm just continuing to galvanize my brand as an artist. I'm continually making my brand more cut and dried. I had intentions on performing live this summer around L.A and San Diego with a whole new set-up but that went out the window with Covid-19. 

We’ve also heard through your previous interview with BuzzMusic that Austin David plans on releasing a new single every three months. What made you take on this tedious and creative endeavor?

I have some close friends that recommended I do the 3-month interval. A lot of successful artists are following this approach. It's a good balance between over//under-saturating in today's 2-second attention span. It's all about the fire single. Nobody got time for an album these days. 

What's next for you?

I got more music on the way! But I'll spend the next few months promoting "Cal-Euphoria" to Blogs, Spotify, etc.  I've also been working on a sync licensing project with another producer. Always writing and refining. When the pandemic is over and the dust settles, I'd like to start routinely gigging again and co-writing with other artists! Always pushing up and growing! Thanks!


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