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Autow Nite Superstore Drops a Hauntingly Cinematic Music Video for, "SYZYGY"

The elusive Athens-based electronic music producer and DJ Autow Nite Superstore release a brilliantly stimulating cinematic venture with his latest music video, "SYZYGY."

Well known for his unique production, fast-paced rhythms, and atmospheric instrumentals, Autow Nite Superstore is genuinely one of the most exciting and sought-after independent acts around. Recently releasing his highly anticipated eight-track album, 'HEAD OVER HILLS,' Autow Nite Superstore is firmly planting himself on the frontlines of our contemporary electronic music scene.

Getting to the goods, Autow Nite Superstore recently released the utmost unique and cinematic music video we've seen this year for his smash single, "SYZYGY." Directed by the renowned Effie Pappa, Autow Nite Superstore's music video for "SYZYGY" truly brings viewers on an adventure they never thought they needed.

Expanding on the single itself, "SYZYGY" delivers a crisp and haunting cinematic undertone that's as lush and haunting as the deepest nightfall. With a brilliant vocal rendition of "Ave Maria" sung by the operatic stylings of Lia Kolita alongside a powerful piano instrumental, Autow Nite Superstore later joins the party with his dense production to emphasize the song's modernity. Through his striking strings, punchy sub-bass, and ominous effects, the song gives us nothing but extensive chills and thrills.

Touching on the music video for "SYZYGY," we're met with an opening scene of actor Natasa Tsagari covered with minimal and unique makeup in front of a portrait border while lip-synching to Lia Kolita's operatic vocals.

With a clean transition to the contemporary dance stylings of JAMSQ, he later emphasizes the song's haunting themes through his fluid body movements. Towards the heat of the outro, Natasa Tsagari and JAMSQ later become entirely intertwined with flowers, grass, and greenery, making for a truly unique and artistic adventure.

Don't miss out on Autow Nite Superstore's latest single and music video for "SYZYGY," and catch his recent eight-track album, 'HEAD OVER HILLS,' on all digital streaming platforms.


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