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Avalanche The Architect Releases The Beast In Latest Single, “Booty Fat”

New York-based rapper Avalanche The Architect leaps onto the scene with his energetic single “Booty Fat,” off of his most recent full-length album, 'Avalanche The Architect the Diamond Album.'

Avalanche The Architect has cultivated a unique sound based on the Hip Hop music he grew up with. His passion and drive are extremely apparent, as he pours his love for music into his songs. He aims to bring Hip Hop music back to its roots and infuses his tracks with personal experiences, intense lyricism, and bold imagery. He is dedicated to honing his craft and motivating others around him to engage in the process of getting back to the core of Old School Hip Hop music from the 90s.

Now, let’s take a look at the single, “Booty Fat.” Listeners are immediately thrown into the energetic world Avalanche The Architect has created through both his vocals and production supporting him. His powerful, dominating vocals punch through, bringing an intensity that matches the dynamic soundscape of trap high hats, heavy kicks, and percussive keys.

This upbeat track never lets up, allowing Avalanche The Architect to drive his messages home in every verse and hook. “Booty Fat” is filled to the brim with energy and flair, and we are living for it. Avalanche The Architect knows how to hype up the party and has definitely done so with this latest release.

Make sure to check out Avalanche The Architect’s single “Booty Fat,” found on his latest album “Avalanche The Architect the Diamond Album.”

Can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind the single?

Well along with rapping I also teach martial arts and I get a lot of strippers who like to do kickboxing for toning and conditioning, and one of my clients who is a stripper as well knows that I rap and said I need to do a song for strippers but the song needs to be for the big booty strippers. She said if I did that would be the only song she would do her act to so that was the day Booty Fat was born!

We love the passion and intensity you bring to the song, and how the energy of the production matches the energy of your vocal delivery. Did you have this in mind (or any other vision for the production) when going into the recording process?

Thank you and yes I knew exactly what type of energy needed to be conveyed for this song to have the right effect! As I said this is for the big booty strippers to dance to when their work so it couldn't be low energy and it had to have the proper theme for them to dance to and to have some sort of connection to them.

Were there any challenges you faced along the way when writing or recording “Booty Fat” or your album “Avalanche The Architect the Diamond Album”?

The only issue was with my management on whether the song would be playable on the radio given its topic but clever engineering in the studio fixed that! We used some perfectly placed sound effects to make it radio-friendly

You mention that you want to bring Hip Hop back to its roots, and attempt to do that through your own music releases. Can you elaborate a bit more on this?

Rap or Hip Hop music used to be about lyrical content and the artist's ability to paint a picture with their words or storytelling. It also was a more masculine art form that praised originality. But now rappers are singing, wearing tight pants like girls, they sound prepubescent and they all sound alike. Im hoping by me breaking this new mold that has been created other rappers who feel the same way start following my lead and making original music and not this cookie cutter bubble gum garbage! This is a war on real rap and I have to lead from in front which Im doing.


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