Avalanche The Architect Releases The Beast In Latest Single, “Booty Fat”

New York-based rapper Avalanche The Architect leaps onto the scene with his energetic single “Booty Fat,” off of his most recent full-length album, 'Avalanche The Architect the Diamond Album.'

Avalanche The Architect has cultivated a unique sound based on the Hip Hop music he grew up with. His passion and drive are extremely apparent, as he pours his love for music into his songs. He aims to bring Hip Hop music back to its roots and infuses his tracks with personal experiences, intense lyricism, and bold imagery. He is dedicated to honing his craft and motivating others around him to engage in the process of getting back to the core of Old School Hip Hop music from the 90s.

Now, let’s take a look at the single, “Booty Fat.” Listeners are immediately thrown into the energetic world Avalanche The Architect has created through both his vocals and production supporting him. His powerful, dominating vocals punch through, bringing an intensity that matches the dynamic soundscape of trap high hats, heavy kicks, and percussive keys.

This upbeat track never lets up, allowing Avalanche The Architect to drive his messages home in every verse and hook. “Booty Fat” is filled to the brim with energy and flair, and we are living for it. Avalanche The Architect knows how to hype up the party and has definitely done so with this latest release.

Make sure to check out Avalanche The Architect’s single “Booty Fat,” found on his latest album “Avalanche The Architect the Diamond Album.”