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AVERTO Delves Into a Resilient Journey of Heartbreak With Debut Single “Cry”

AVERTO is a Pop-Electronic duo composed of two audio students with the same passion for creation and music.

Fusing together their ambitions and education in music, a sound filled with “Cry” is the first single AVERTO released after their formation in 2018, a build-up to their debut EP titled '1304.'

The alternative song blends pop and electronic for an otherworldly experience, singing from the perspective of someone trying to make things right in their relationship. The listener is eased in slowly with acoustics, shining a light on the vocals and clean falsetto.

When the song picks up, you will fall into the story and be taken along a journey of remorse and realization, the sorrows of trying to put a relationship back together after breaking it. “Cry” brings with it a sense of hope, as though the bond forged between the two has not been severed completely and there is a chance to rebuild.

AVERTO is not afraid to experiment with different sounds and genres, even adding in lots of acoustic pianos and jazz instrumentation.

The vocals in “Cry” flow smoothly, the pleasant tone driving the story and carrying the emotion. As the song fades out and prepares to come to a close, AVERTO adds a short clip of insight to the creation of “Cry” and the place in the heart where the idea came from.

Make sure to check out the rest of AVERTO’s debut EP '1304,' here.

As a new act, you seem very mysterious! We understand there are two of you, but we only see one person's face - who is AVERTO, and what are you about?

Hi! Thank you so much for having us! You’re right! there are two of us, but we’ve always felt that our music says more about us than we ever could. We believe music belongs to everyone, the mystery allows for the listener to decide who or what they find in the other person. That sounds really deep, but essentially it’s the opposite. It’s just music. BUT we are also two best friends who just happen to love working together.

We love your lead single 'Cry'!. The array of genre styles make it such an interesting listen! How do you keep such a balance between the emotional/acoustic aspects of “Cry” and the upbeat sections?

We’re so glad to hear you love the single!! We think the best way to answer that question is with an analogy: When you look at a painting and you’re seeing a bunch of different tones and colors, what ties them together are the shades in between. The same happens in Cry. As the song goes on, smaller elements (or shades of color) are introduced. This is what ultimately ties all the sections together. Once every sound has been introduced, the transition between acoustic and upbeat becomes natural.

What made you decide to include the speaking clip at the end of “Cry?" How do you think this will enhance the experience for your listeners?

We had a couple of reasons for including that clip, but then there are two important ones. On a practical level, we could have put in a bridge instead. However, we didn’t want it to be predictable. The structure of the song is very clearly pop, but we wanted to turn away from what people would expect! On a more personal level, the clip is a voice note. Whenever the two of us have too much to say to each other (which happens a lot) we use voice notes! It’s how we communicate and how most of our song ideas start. It’s personal and our way of directly talking to you, the way we would to each other.

What is the significance of '1304' for AVERTO, and how did you decide to make this the title of your EP?

'1304' is actually a date! We started writing our very first song together, Memories, on the thirteenth of April 2018. It marks the start of AVERTO, literally.

What can we expect to see next from you as we enter a new year?

We’re working on so many new songs, so you can expect a new EP! We are so excited to share our stories with you and to grow as we go!



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