AyeJay Freez Gives Ghostly Performance on "Nosebleeds"

One of BuzzMusic's favorite multitalented rappers is back with his latest single "Nosebleeds." Coming to us from the Midwest, AyeJay Freez continues to push his creative engines into overdrive with prowess and limitless potential.

"Nosebleeds" is a stirring performance delivered through ghostly synths, chill rhymes, and a heavy grinding beat. His soothing rhymes can transition from calm and still to scrappy and gritty, showcasing his versatile lyrical profile. "Nosebleeds" begins with ambient synths resonating in and out of the sound profile as the heavy beat stomps onto the track. The lyrics are crafted from a place of self-cultivation asAyeJayFreezis "watering his seeds," growing his presence as a notable hip-hop artist, and we, the listeners, are his customers sampling his curated rhymes. A ticking percussion joins the composition as it trips over itself throughout the track propelling it forward. As AyeJay Freez changes his tone throughout the song, he expertly emphasizes his more poignant rhymes, like "I never lost my mind like this, I ain't ever felt this way before," are delivered with a sense of desperation and loss that genuinely resonates with the listener. We continue to be impressed by AyeJay Freezes' sharp delivery of sound, if you haven't checked out AyeJay Freezes' music yet, don't wait another minute.

Be sure to listen to "Nosebleeds" here