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AYO ^ is Looking for That "Freaky Gyal" in Harmonious Single Release

Washington artist AYO ^ is here to bring his charming afro-style to all listeners alike. As a singer/songwriter, AYO ^ is deciding to release a string to singles at the most appropriate time: summer.

The music that AYO ^ releases is most definitely fitting for the summer kind of energy most of us seek out, and he easily expels positivity. Listeners will realize that the sound of AYO ^ is predominantly rejuvenating, stimulating, and ultimately positive, making this artist the right kind of artist to listen to when in need of spirited enthusiasm.

There's an easy relaxation that washes over you within the production used for "Freaky Gyal." AYO ^ exploits afrobeat in the most sultry and smooth way possible, ultimately captivating listeners' attention with the melodic embraces. "Freaky Gyal" is very creamy in its delivery, creating an alluring atmosphere.

AYO ^ walks along with the narrative of attraction and how it can take over and manipulate perspectives while keeping the mood of the track as light and ambiguous as possible. "Freaky Gyal" is a dance-worthy track, and AYO ^ naturally expels a quality source of energy. The track really does have a layered sound, and the vitality that AYO ^ can instinctively draw into the verses is what makes the song feel very elusive.

Discover "Freaky Gyal" by AYO ^ here.

What would you say stimulated you to create "Freaky Gyal"? 

To put it plainly, sex. I remember sitting at work one day and going through beats, and then beat for Freaky Gyal popped up. The words to the chorus immediately popped in my head. Which means it was probably on my subconscious at the time. That hot, steamy, inhibition less night you had with that one person that you guiltily reminisce from time to time. I think we all think about sex a lot more than we're ready to admit.

"Freaky Gyal" saw the collaboration with artist MNDFCK Louie. How would you describe the flow of this collaboration, and do you see yourself collaborating with more artists in the near future?

I was in the studio with MNDFCK who also happens to be my engineer, and I had laid down the hook and verse in record time. While I was figuring out how to attack the second verse, he says " this could use some Spanish ". It was one of those lightbulb moments. It made perfect sense because I knew how talented he was as a Latin rap artist and that Spanish was such a romantic language.  

Can you describe the ambiance you were attempting to set within your listening base with the release of "Freaky Gyal"?

Before Freaky Gyal, I didn't really have a record where I was specifically targeting a female audience. But I love women and their energy and sex. Think of the modern-day Rick James- Super Freak but with an afrobeat-dancehall twist. Culturally I'm from Nigeria where some would consider the home of afrobeat so I'm accustomed to that sound also.

What are some components of your sound now that you're attempting to work on and craft? Do you see yourself maintaining the sound you carry now or are you always looking for ways to amplify/improve your sound?

I've been getting a lot of compliments on Freaky Gyal so I'm definitely going to continue kinda in that afro-beats-dancehall lane. But I'm an adventurer at heart so who knows where that lane might take me. Before Freaky Gyal I had one other song that was dancehall but other than that it was mostly dark-moody rap with catchy hooks. My main goal is just to make good music that makes people feel something so whatever I have to do to get better at doing that I will.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

What has inspired me throughout 2020 and throughout my career is the ability to put smiles on people's faces through my creativity. That's what keeps me going and that's what I do it for.



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