AYVA Swoons Us With Unconditional Love in, "Better With You"

The Tongan-American r&b/pop artist and singer-songwriter AYVA releases her smooth-sailing and passionate single entitled "Better With You."

Having worked with incredible songwriters, musicians, and producers has allowed AYVA's solo music career to blossom without an end in sight. Crediting her music to the many trials and tribulations life has given, it's without a doubt that anyone will find a piece of themselves within AYVA's tender and relatable lyricism.

Recently releasing her passionate single, "Better With You," AYVA delves into a romantic theme of holding unconditional love for someone special and dear to her heart. While the smooth sonics pour through our speakers like a ray of sunshine, AYVA offers a brilliant and soothing performance to emphasize her passion for her significant other.

Getting to the goods, AYVA's single, "Better With You," opens with tender electric guitar melodies that meet up with AYVA's lush vocal stylings. As her incredible melisma and rhythmic delivery induces all sorts of passionate emotions in any listener, AYVA emphasizes her unconditional love and trust for someone near and dear.

As we approach the beat drop, a transcendent array of synths flood our speakers with anticipation and excitement, which later drops into a whole-sounding and fluid r&b soundscape. We adore the genuine passion that AYVA has placed into this surreal single, as it perfectly matches the trailblazing and powerhouse r&b/pop acts that make our contemporary music industry go round.

If you're looking for an artist to swoon you, sonically and lyrically, look no further, as AYVA's latest single, "Better With You," will do just the trick. Find "Better With You" on all digital streaming platforms.

We're head over heels for the passionate and loving theme within your latest single, "Better With You." Was there a particular moment or anyone in particular that inspired the creation of this tender ballad?

Before we had even come up with a concept for “Better With You,” I had been wanting to write a love song for a while. Unfortunately, I wasn’t writing about a crush or a mysterious boy but channeling those feelings you get when you do have a crush helped us out so much when we wrote the song.

You worked with the producer Killah-B on this single, what sort of feel or atmosphere did you guys want to capture?

Before we had even started the beat for “Better With You,” we already knew that whatever song came from that session had to be on the next level compared to my previous tracks. That being said, we wanted to talk about not loving someone but being in love with them and experiencing all the ups and downs of that relationship. We could’ve expressed all of that on any track but for “Better With You” I wanted it to be more mature and not sound like the typical high school crush. At my age, most people would expect that from me but the last thing I want to be seen as is predictable especially at the start of my career.

Was it easy to open your heart and write such genuine and passionate lyricism for "Better With You?" What was the songwriting process like?

At the start, it was just me and Killah B writing until he brought in another songwriter. I was introduced the Angelina Sherie and she showed me what other songs she had written for other artists and things of that sort. We clicked immediately and I’ve come to absolutely love and adore her so writing for “Better With You” came naturally for both of us. While we listened to the beat, I wrote down phrases and words that I thought described being in love and loving someone unconditionally. Angelina took these into the booth and recorded the melodies with them. From the melodies, we used all the words and phrases to form the lyrics. We added in a few transitions and before we knew it we had finished the track.

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

My favorite release from this year would have to be Ariana Grande’s album “Positions.” I think that it’s such a great album after her two that she released prior to “Positions.” It’s an album that people listen to when they wanna have fun or when they’re with friends or even when they have a crush. If I had to choose one song from the album I would pick “Positions.”

What's next for AYVA? Do you have any plans for the rest of 2021?

I’m always on the move so of course, I have plans, you’ll just have to wait and see.