Azure Wolf Has Us Captivated With "Black Fur"

Azure Wolf started as a solo folk project of Victoria Backle. The Winchester, VA-hailing indie outfit now consists of Victoria Backle (singer-songwriter, rhythm guitar), Isaac Foltz (lead guitar and vocals), Sean Spencer (bass, synth, and vocals), and Tommy Moore (Drums).

With their collective influences ranging from Kings of Leon to Alt-J to Nirvana to Alanis Morrissette, dynamism has remained a constant throughout their releases since making their debut with ‘Dancing Bears’ in March 2020.

Tapping into the most recent single from Azure Wolf, “Black Fur,” embodies nods of an alternative 90’s-inspired ballad that hones in on optimistic hues. The compelling listening experience delves into brightly performed piano chords, reinforcing percussion, an infectious bassline, and the mesmerizing opulence of guitar riffs you want to write home about.

You’re immediately absorbed in the almost ethereal soundscape that presents itself in a hypnotic wave of melodies. Steered by spellbinding tenors that are presented in a way that has you effortlessly moving your body to the sound of the music heard, Azure Wolf takes you on a sonic expedition that you don’t want to leave. Basking in the harmonious timbres exuded in a passion-fueled showcase, Azure Wolf has us biting onto every word that is seamlessly executed by a fortified persona. Being a conceptual song that is inspired by Victoria Backle’s own lived experiences, we navigate through the struggle of dissociation from traumatic experiences.

Embracing the lyrical notions that have “Black Fur,” taking on the role of an unscheduled therapy session, you get lost in your thoughts as they cascade with the brilliance illuminated in the stimulating hues more felt than heard. “Black Fur,” has found a way inside your mind to linger for quite some time to come.