Babylung Releases A Poetically Driven Soulful Vibe With “Aliyah’s Song”

Babylung is an artist who was born into a family of musicians and was raised in the church himself. His music is specifically catered towards capturing the authentic struggles of love and life as a millennial. Babylung curiously experimented with a multitude of different instruments and sang in choirs. However, it wasn’t until he got his first hand in urban music where he found his niche! Upon listening to Kendrick Lamar, Babylung became inspired to freestyle rap. That was the moment the young 12-year-old found his true passion and calling for music. He would then grow up battling at school, performing at parties, reciting spoken word poetry, and winning talent shows.

Accompanied by the production sonics nostalgic of the 90’s Neo-soul/R&B movement, and the dynamics of urban contemporary, the 20-year-old Surrey raised Filipino- Canadian aims to connect to the culture at large through his thought evoking lyrics and tender voice.

Babylung released the riveting single titled “Aliyah’s song” and this really moved me. From the instance, The acoustic chords before Babylung’s warm vocals transitioning in completely had me captured with the song. The soulful and sensual vibe to the melodies felt catered towards me as a listener. I’m a personal fan of the nostalgic R&B and lush productions of smooth-sailing music like “Aliyah’s song”. Babylung gives you this in-depth look at love and entices your melancholic feelings towards somebody significant in your life. “Aliyah’s song” was highly poetic and was driven by a gorgeous arrangement thanks to Babylung himself. The passion that surrounds this track is what’s mesmerizing. It’s this contagious vibe of romantic ambiance completely infecting its listener. Babylung is the perfect artist to add to your smooth R&B playlists!

Listen to “Aliyah’s Song” here.


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