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Back Again With A New Club Banger, Marcus Alland Drops “Lemme See”

Marcus Alland is a talented rapper and lyricist from Queens, New York. He was inspired by music at the young age of 14 when he would sing in his church choir. He formed a spiritual connection to music and began writing rap lyrics and performing them for his peers when he was only 16 years old. As a skilled vocalist and creative thinker, he gained the confidence to perform at open mic nights and this helped him realize his passion in the arts as a performer. Success did not come overnight though, Marcus had to work hard, day and night to establish his craft to where it is today. He released singles like “Come Alive” and “Forza” by focusing his energy into songwriting. The result is songs that feel complete, passionate, and unique. Just one listen to him will have you swept up in the powerful lessons Marcus Alland is able to convey!

“Lemme See” is an explosive new track by Marcus Alland and we can’t get enough! The upbeat and high energy track features Marcus’ well known textured verses and addicting melodies. Marcus delivers the club banger with ease and flawless execution. It’s hard-hitting, sensual and hypnotizing, everything a hit needs to be. Marcus is a dynamic artist who isn't afraid to bend genres in order to create new wave experiences for his listeners. The music is well mixed but not over produced. “Lemme See” features no lulls or pauses, it’s an upbeat and high energy summer track that I’ve been bumping on repeat. Marcus makes music that his fans can relate to and that’s what sets him apart in today's music industry. His explosive new track “Lemme See” is a fire track and will be bumped in clubs all summer long. Marcus Alland’s spectacular and impressive discography, notable success and undeniable talent are what he’s known for. Now working on his debut album, Marcus Alland has never disappointed and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next.

Check out “Lemme See” here and keep scrolling for our interview below!

Welcome back, Marcus! Can you tell us more about how your passion for music originally developed?

It developed through being inspired and exploring myself honestly. Years ago I never thought I would have such a deep passion for creating and writing lyrics. It started from church and now I'm in studios creating from my own thoughts.

Can you tell us more about “Lemme See”? What inspired it?

"Lemme See" started with a thought of uplifting women in a positive way. I wanted to give women a feeling they should always feel. It doesn't matter what size you are or what color skin you have. When you step out into the world, you should always feel confident and beautiful. So with that being said, I put the concept into a visual that people can enjoy. Fun, energetic, and expressive.

Can we expect to see more high energy tracks like “Lemme See”?

Most definitely. It's all in the works.

What can listeners expect from your much-anticipated album?

Well with this body of work, you can expect to dive into my world and enjoy great music with good messages.

How do you think your upbringing affects the music you create?

My upbringing affects my music in a huge way. From being born in Queens, NY to being raised in the DMV area, I was always taught to be myself and to never be ashamed of who I am. I came from a family who instilled honesty, respect, loyalty, and love in me. As well as other things but these things specifically you'll hear in my music.


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