Back And More Refined Than Ever, Women Of The Night

The Women Of The Night is a proto-punk gang all the way from New York who has consistently been delivering the heat! They give you this edgy outlook on the world around you with their rad visuals and electrifying music. In videos like “QUIET NIGHTS,” you can see how they give this interesting fusion of bright psychedelia and grainy rock n roll in not only the video but the song itself. Women Of The Night is also relaxing to listen to in a sense. Their music can be quite calming, especially the single “QUIET NIGHTS”.

A decadently sleazy band with a street talking attitude that will whisper in your ear and punch you in the guts. Somewhere in the vein of Velvet Underground meets The Birthday Party. Women Of The Night is the perfectly crafted mixture of soft and rough that will cater to a vast audience of listeners. They will leave a lasting impression on you through their enigmatic delivery and bold approach. Women Of The Night are taking every aspect of punk rock and transforming it into something much greater and expansive. It’s refreshing, refined, and riveting, We promise you, you have never seen punk rock like this before and we’re sure you won’t forget!

Listen to Women Of The Night's music here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Women Of The Night! How have things been for you? Any exciting new occurrences in your career?

We've been great! Since we last spoke we had our recordings we had been working on stolen from a bar we were drinking at, which was devastating. The week this happened we played a great show with our friends from Montreal Dany Laj and the Looks and we were asked to come in and record at a very cool studio in the Lower Eastside called NYHed by their friends who were at the show. It was a really fortunate thing to happen and we jumped at the opportunity.  We 've been pretty busy in the studio with it and are chipping away at a full length.