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Band Spotlight: Daisychain Deliver Unique, Complex Soundscapes Rooted in Blues and Psychedelic Rock

When was the last time you sat down, relaxed, and experienced a genuinely wholesome blues/psych-rock listening experience? Daisychain is, without a doubt, our go-to music band when it comes to entering the gratifying world of progressive soundscapes. They aren't afraid to dig deep and test the boundaries of their style with every release. "Natalie," the band's latest song debut, focuses on the band's ability to construct a product that emulates the character being described. There is no need to dig beyond the surface, as "Natalie" was meant for the alt-rock soundscape fanatics who can appreciate an elaborate soundworld.

Apart from their recent music pieces, Daisychain also works to impress the masses with their genuine, raw connection with one another. In an exclusive BuzzMusic interview, Daisychain shared that the energy that flows through them at the time of song creation is magnetic and allows them to hone into the arrangement of a song. As an open-minded group, Daisychain isn't afraid of testing the limits of their artistic flexibility, which gives all the more reason to follow the constant, ever-changing dynamic.

If you want to follow Daisychain and their current music-related moves, check out their Southern U.S. tour, which ends December 19th of this year.

Read the full BuzzMusic article on Daisychain and their song "Natalie" here.

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