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Barbacoa Hits Back With a Gripping Anthem, “Not an Echo”

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, is musical duo Barbacoa, who are taking off into the fiery realms of hard rock with their latest gritty and heavy single, "Not An Echo."

Barbacoa is no stranger to working from a distance. When the pandemic hit, Kyle Evanchuck (vocals) and Joel Grant (music) channeled their past years of writing together when Evanchuck left for the U.S. Navy. After returning to Ohio, both musicians came together and began to value their time working in the same room.

The boys bring that chemistry to life through their latest glass-shattering single, "Not An Echo." The song is this fiery hellscape that fuels every ounce of energy within us, preparing us for a journey into exhilarating rock without a dull moment. The song tracks the story of someone on the run and trying to get in touch with someone special, but things just feel off.

Jumping into the flames of "Not An Echo," the track tears open with Grant's muffled instrumentals that slowly brighten into the foreground with quick drums and blazing rhythm guitars. As Evanchuck's enthralling vocals make their way in, he sets the scene of someone alone, lost in the woods, and navigating their way through this nerve-wracking situation.

We love the grit and power Barbacoa smashes us within this track; it's clear they're ready to pick up the pace and take the music scene by storm. Without a doubt, this is one of the more exciting singles we've heard this year, and we're sure any listener will adore banging their heads to this lively rock anthem.

Feast your ears on the blazing sounds of Barbacoa's latest punchy single, "Not An Echo," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Barbacoa. We can't get enough of the exciting energy and heavy atmosphere within your latest single, "Not An Echo." What inspired this deeply conceptual single?

Thank you! We're really proud of this song and its energy. Joel (Grant) sends me the foundation or basic idea of the music as he writes it, and I write the lyrics as I get inspired by the song. This song, which tells a story of someone being chased and needing help in a situation that has gotten away from them, is a fictional story, but it was written based on the energy of the music. I imagined a chaotic situation that felt relentless in pursuit and tried to put that into words.

Considering your previous single, "Ghosts," was more of a somber tune, why did you want to spice things up and release "Not An Echo?"

When we write, we don't worry about what the last song sounded like. We go into each song open-minded, and we hope to write something that makes us feel. "Ghosts" was very personal and dealt with loss. I think we subconsciously wanted the next song to be more energetic, so it naturally turned into this rocker of a tune that kind of never quits on the energy. It also made sense to go into a fictional direction with Not an Echo after such a personal song with Ghosts. It was a natural direction change for us in a creative sense.

Does your duo notice any differences when working remotely vs. together in the same room? Did you spend the creative process for "Not An Echo" physically together?

We are very used to working remotely. We did that for many years when I was in the Navy, and he was back in Ohio. Now that I am back in Ohio and near him, it is nice to see each other more and write in the same place, but we still work remotely for a large part of our music writing process. We spend a lot of our "in-person" time together when we record the songs.

What impact do you want "Not An Echo" to have on the listener? What should your audience feel after experiencing it?

We hope it makes you feel energetic. We want it to blast out of your speakers or headphones and get you tapping your foot or bouncing back and forth. It's a "rocker," as my Dad used to say. It's a song that is meant to be played loud and make you feel. I hope people really gravitate to the vibe of the song. And in the end, I hope it makes them want to play it again and again because this song is a fun one.


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