Bask in the Heat With Hot Lips and Their Latest Music Video “Cry Wolf”

The electro-grunge trio from Toronto, Hot Lips, releases their flaming music video for their single “Cry Wolf.” After forming in late 2016, the trio has set sail across North America and played countless shows to give everyone a taste of the Toronto rock scene. Their latest heavy music video “Cry Wolf” features Hot Lips in an ill-lit room with black and white imagery, really setting the serious and heavy tone to the video. While belting out powerful vocals, fiery guitar riffs and hard-hitting drum patterns, Hot Lips rock out as their haunting music video does all the talking.

Opening with eerie scenes of the female lead flashing in and out of the frame and gracing us with her unhindered vocals, “Cry Wolf” has a very dark and intriguing atmosphere from the very beginning. Moving with energy into the groundbreaking hook, Hot Lips blast into the transition with force while performing with the same energy in the music video. With chilling shots of Hot Lips standing and looking over the floor, to aggressively moving to the beat of the music, they’ve really tied in that deep angst and released it with the creation of this music video. With quick moving scenes and bright flashes of light, Hot Lips’ music video “Cry Wolf” shines through with an exhilarating atmosphere that’s hard to miss.

Watch "Cry Wolf" here.

Hey Hot Lips, welcome to BuzzMusic! You really stopped us in our tracks with your recent heavy music video “Cry Wolf”. What atmosphere and themes did you three want to portray with the music video?

Hi Buzz! Thank you, we are very proud of this track. The theme of the video is centered around mental health and one's own battles with letting your demons take over. We wanted to portray the idea of being alone and trapped.. feeling desperate to get out. 

Hot Lips’ drummer Keith Heppler noted that even though the music video was shot pre-pandemic, the imagery is still valid. Why do you think the imagery remains timeless and relevant amongst different situations?

Everyone can relate to going through these types of feelings and struggles at one point or another in their lives. Mental Health affects us all and should be talked about more openly. 

The world is currently going through an uprising and people want to be heard and seen. 

Your music video for “Cry Wolf” is very precise in terms of editing and effects. What sort of direction was being given at the shoot, and what made the experience better for Hot Lips?

We've been really lucky to work with Ryan Brough of Zeebrah Media on all 3 of our music videos. He really gets our vibe and what we want to say through the music. Mood, lighting, and imagery are always at the forefront of our discussions. Capturing the essence rather than running a narrative seems to fit our sound and look better. 

We’ve heard that Hot Lips was forced to postpone a 20-date North American tour. What should we anticipate from the trio’s live shows post-pandemic?

We've been taking this time to reflect on ourselves individually and as a band. From that, we've written a ton of new material including some different styles we haven't touched on yet but all still sounds likeHotLips- heavy, moody, electric! 

What's next for Hot Lips?

We are in the midst of recording, booking shows for 2021, and preparing for whenever the world is ready to see us! We will be ready