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Bbboris Is Making a Name for Himself as He Charms Listeners With His Unique and Versatile Sound

Coming in hot from Detroit to San Diego bbboris is making a name for himself as a versatile Hip-Hop/R&B Artist and Rapper.

Bbboris went on a soul searching journey to find his unique sound as he traveled the world. This journey then leads him to combine the influences of Electronic, Psychedelia, and Trap into his music.

In his latest release, “Ellie (on the low),” he has created the perfect balance of moody and sultry R&B/Trap sonic atmosphere blended with his wit and charm that instantly sweeps listeners off their feet.

Bbboris has seen 2020 as a year full of inspiration in an interview with BuzzMusic he said: “I've found it's the little things that set my mind racing and my emotions flowing”.

From taking walks with his dog Goku to sitting in his backyard, and watching San Diego come alive in the night bbboris has yet to have a shortage of inspirations of things to write about.

You can learn more about Bbboris here.


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