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BelleGrave Debuts Their New Hit “Attack”

BelleGrave is simply a band of 5 20 year olds who strive to create an ultimate sound of multiple influences and subgenres of rock and metal ranging from classic and modern bands.

BelleGrave debuted their single “Attack” which is just a snippet of what’s to come with this band. “Attack” begins with a climaxing, badass introduction before the fused together electricity comes and attacks you at once. The dark rock that’s presented in the music shows elements of Metal and Classic Rock just as they intended. What was super neat about this record was instead of beginning with the standardized initiating vocals and verse, they give their listener one minute and forty seconds of pure rocking instrumenting before the iconic vocals transitions in, surprising its listener. The melodies were super dope but it didn’t prepare me for what was to come! The hook was a repeated line that sings” Attack” dynamically becoming more louder and powerful with augmented measures before the song reaches a break after the last attack. This break in measure lead to a rapid-pace, headbanging, and chaotic instrumental ending until the song finishes off. Taking its listener on an adrenaline-rushed journey, “Attack” was a nice offering from a promising band who has a lot in store for themselves and their future in the music industry.

Listen to Attack here and get to know more about BelleGrave below!

Who are some classic and contemporary bands you’re influenced by and why?

Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Judas Priest and more modern bands would be Avenged Sevenfold, Jinjer, Architects, Wage War.

Tell us about the theme behind “Attack” ?

"Attack" was a concept thought up by our drummer Matt Lusk meant to be an anime of two subhuman civilizations having war in the under earth.

How does the title of the song reflect the meaning behind it?

"Attack" is just one civilization attacking the other, trying to take the technology needed to get above ground.

What were some challenges you’ve faced in creating “Attack” and how were you able to overcome these obstacles?

How can we build this emotion? How can we give the song the imagery we are trying to depict through the lyrics and the sound. And building the tension to the climax of the song.

When can we expect an enticing live show from you BelleGrave?

We pride ourselves on delivering a tight and heavy live show, we take our listeners by surprise song by song. Just when you think you know what our sound is about we hit you with another jam you wont expect.


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