Bernardine Peaks Over the "Horizon," to Brighter Days Ahead

Born and raised in Perth, Australia, Bernardine learned piano and guitar as a child and began busking and performing. She studied music at university and played in various indie bands before emerging as a solo artist and releasing her debut self-titled album in 2015. Bernardine’s sound is a home-grown culmination of live and electronic sounds, handpicked and layered to drench the listener in twilight euphoria.

Gushing divine vocals over top of radiant guitar riffs and feathery synths, Bernardine presents her most recent heart-rending single “Horizon,” to her indulgent fan base. Shining through as a song wrapped in themes of love, the narrative also trickles into the love you have for yourself and changing the way you perceive your very being.

Enlisting the top-tier production techniques of Tim McArtney to produce a therapeutic universe filled with Bernardine’s dreamy vocals, the arrangement carries forth hues of hopefulness and vivacity. What we adore the most about “Horizon,” in its entirety is the fact that you feel the soothing warmth of Bernardine’s good intention seep through every atmospheric timbre shed. With a utopia of smoldering bliss, you’re instantly pulled into the mesmerizing effect that a Bernardine creation cast out.

Through each spellbinding moment, you’re welcomed into the luscious songwriting abilities that play upon unique lyrical motifs and repetition in order to make this song exclusive to Bernardine’s sound while unforgettable as it lingers on your mind. Encouraging her audience to take each word shed and use it on their inward journey of growth, the optimism that Bernardine

exemplifies has us pressing repeat as we eagerly treat ourselves to this song on loop.

Hello Bernardine, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Horizon.” We stand by its entire meaning and purpose! With your sound evolving from Pop-Folk to this enticing spectrum of atmospheric bliss, do you find that this allows you to tell your story in a more authentic manner? Pop certainly is a new world and I think that creating a standout hook takes priority in pop music among other crucial elements. So authentic storytelling can be a bit more challenging in this genre. I’m fortunate to have a pop-folk music side of me so I can do my best to incorporate storytelling into my tracks. I really want people to be able to relate to what I’m sharing with the songs and I hope I have done that with Horizon. What was it like working with producer Tim McArtney from Sydney in order to achieve the desired sound for “Horizon?" Working remotely was an exciting new experience and really pushed my capabilities as an audio engineer and producer. I have some skills with recording and music production but have not recorded my own stems prior to working with Tim. Working remotely was a success because we had great communication and Tim gave me the guidance I needed. I highly recommend that artists learn to record their own stems to give them the chance to work with producers from all over the world, seeing as you’re not limited to a single studio location. I have definitely learned some production skills that I can embrace in my music career for years to come. Writing this song in the midst of the pandemic, were you able to apply the therapeutic words to your own journey? Music is my therapy and writing this song was a cathartic release for me, celebrating a new sense of self-care in my adult life. My life has always been busy, but when covid-19 hit my life came to a halt in many areas, and I had a quiet life for the first time as an adult. This is when Horizon came to me and I was really drawn to tell this story through music. I like that many people listening to this song will think of it as a love song, but it has a deeper meaning behind it intended just for me which is all about loving and caring for yourself. What is your mission statement as an artist? To learn, evolve, and grow with the industry, to always be true to me, and be as authentic as I can be. I have worked on my character a lot and I am proud of who I have become and I am not afraid to share myself with the world. Also, I plan to demonstrate longevity in this industry. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!