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Berto Amor Released The Paradise-Like Hit, “Twerking”

Berto Amor is a singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Southbrook, New Jersey. He’s an American artist whose roots are from Colombia. Berto Amor attempts to incorporate his Latin flavor and transition it into the English style of music. Writing many of his songs over tropical beats but giving the listeners and r&b feeling when he sings. Berto Amor isn’t just your typical one genre artist. He fuses together different genres of music in which include Acoustic, Latin, Hip-hop, and rap to his mix of genres.

Summer wouldn’t be summer without the fun jams and timeless moments we share right? Berto Amor is proving this theory to be correct with his new single, “Twerking”. What I really enjoyed about the concept of this record was how it was tastefully executed. Of course, the title of the song would have you expecting the production and lyrics to go a certain direction, however, Berto Amor keeps the roots of the clubbing fun in tact while moving the direction of the song into a place you wouldn’t expect! This was super dope to the factoring of layers to the song. Adding multiple dimensions to this track made everything more attractive for me. The combination of multiple genres being fused together was just the icing on the cake of it all. Berto Amor is not what we expect, and what we receive is even better than our expectations! “Twerking” was a nice song that could resonate with the paradise-like vibes at your local summer party!

Listen to "Twerking" here and get to know more about Berto Amor below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Berto Amor! How would you best describe your sound?

My sound is like a Pop/Latin sound mix together. I like the Caribbean type of sound and having people feeling the need to get up and dance! But I like making all types of music from pop to acoustic, hip hop, rap, r&b..I love being diverse with my music. 

Did you have any musical influences growing up? If so who and why!?

A couple artist I feel influenced my music, Micheal Jackson, Ed sheeran, Romeo Santos just to name a free, but an artist that I admire is Neyo. Not only his songs but his lyrics and the melody he writes in. I analyze all of that and I feel he should be up there as one of the greatest in r&b to keep it real! But each one of those artist that I mentioned play parts in influencing the music I make. 

Let’s talk about this song “Twerking”, it’s a really cool arrangement! What was the vision for the record?

Thank You! ‘Twerkin’ was an amazing song to do! I wrote the song and then I made the beat with a producer named Misa! I knew I wanted to give it that club beat vibe and Misa decided to put it with that dancehall feel because he knew that’s more my sound. In the studio when we  were creating it it felt as if we had a hit on our hands. It honestly felt like magic in the studio! I wanted to have a song where it can be catchy and can get people up and dancing! I love it because it has that nice smooth dancehall for two people dancing to feel each other out and then it hits with that club part! It’s a fun song and I happy with the way it turned out! 

In what ways does the production of the song bring the vision to life!?

I feel the production is the biggest part to it. The instrumental is perfect and the sound quality overall is really good! What this song was meant to do was get girls to twerk and people to dance and I feel like the production and sound made that happen! 

What’s next for you Berto Amor?

I’m working right now with this dj named mstacks and we’re going to be opening up for a rapper named Boldy James! The shows should be going down by July and we’re performing in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C, and New York so it should be fun! I’m also going to be working with misa soon to make new music and possibly drop an EP. I’m still not sure if I want to drop an EP or just drop singles but we will see in the future! Excited though for all the opportunities thats been given to me thus far and I plan to just keep moving forward and also really push ‘Twerkin’ for everyone to hear! 


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