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Beth Crowley Steps Into The Flames With Her Latest Single, "In The End"

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter and recording artist Beth Crowley elaborates on the dangers of unhealthy love in a new single, "In The End."

From whimsical comedy to haunting piano ballads, Beth Crowley's music is bound to resonate with anyone who listens. Crowley first gained recognition from her medley of popular songs entitled "Greatest Song Ever Written," which made waves across the internet in 2011. More recently, Beth Crowley continues to thank her audience for supporting her on her ever-evolving musical journey.

Expanding on her latest release, "In The End," Beth Crowley can be heard expressing the utmost relatable and wise lyricism while summoning the instrumental storm that the song has to offer. As Beth Crowley continues elaborating on a relationship and a breakup that's long overdue, she wears her heart on her sleeve while exclaiming her passion yet hesitation for said relationship.

"In The End" opens with a somber piano melody and a cinematic string section that sets the song's emotional and passionate tone. As Beth Crowley's bright and angelic vocals begin to float down from above, she continues to elaborate on a relationship that's gone south while still feeling its profound passion and intimacy run through her veins.

As we reach the hook, the instrumentation deepens into this heavy and intoxicating cinematic experience while Beth Crowley reminds us to keep our wits about us when faced with unhealthy and tragic love. As the song comes to an end, Beth Crowley leaves us with this ultimate sensation of confusion and desire with help from her poetic lyricism and powerful instrumentals.

Sink into the emotional depths of Beth Crowley's latest single, "In The End," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

What an intense and compelling listening experience you've delivered with your recent single, "In The End." Where did you find the inspiration to create such a powerful and emotional piece like this?

One of my favorite things to do is write songs based on books and occasionally TV shows. “In The End” is based on the show The Witcher, which chronicles a really complicated relationship between two of the main characters. I was instantly interested in the idea of writing something around the idea of a love that spans time and distance, especially one that is so intense that it can be destructive.

How did you create the instrumental atmosphere to enhance and amplify the heavy lyrical theme within "In The End?" Why did you choose to create this cinematic instrumental tone?

The production side of creating a song to me is almost as enjoyable and creatively challenging as the writing process. I’ve been working with the same producer, Daniel Dennis, for years now, and we are usually on the same page when it comes to production. For “In The End” I knew I wanted big, dramatic strings, so we brought in Chuck Callahan on violin and Austin Hoke on cello. I’ve worked with them before on several tracks, and they have a knack for really nailing cinematic string parts. I definitely think the strings are what really make the track match the lyrics.

Was it difficult to write about such intimate, personal, and emotional themes like unhealthy love for "In The End?" What was your solo songwriting process like?

It’s not quite as difficult or emotionally draining to write songs like this where I am putting myself in a character’s headspace as when I am writing something that comes from a strictly personal place. I just try to focus on channeling the character’s voice into the lyrics. Usually, my writing process starts by me coming up with a little lyric and melody (for this one it was “I can tell that we’re going to destroy one another”) and building the song from there. “In The End” was a little challenging with the rhyming scheme and rhythm I chose, but I just kept at it until it came together.

How do songs like "In The End" represent you and your brand? Do you usually lean towards such cinematic and orchestral instrumental landscapes, similar to "In The End?"

I would definitely say cinematic music is a huge part of my brand. I love making tracks that feel like they would fit right into an epic movie. But I also really enjoy playing around with writing songs that are simpler and more vulnerable. I think it’s important to be a well-rounded songwriter and artist. But if I could only make one type of song for the rest of my life, it would definitely be cinematic.

What's next for you?

I release a new song every month, so I’m always putting out new music! As far as my next song that will be based on something specific, I have some ideas for a song inspired by Loki from the Marvel Universe, so I’m very excited to dig into that.

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