Big Dante Captivates the Audience With "No Hook"

Hailing from Enfield, North Carolina, we have the one and only, Big Dante representing his hometown. Taking his invigorating methods in the genre of Hip-hop and sprinkling them upon enticing beats, this artist has a flair that only he can exude.

Over the course of the year, Big Dante has released a series of captivating projects exuding his talents on a wide-ranging spectrum. Releasing the charismatic likes of his first album, 'Then Vs. Now,' was a huge milestone in how the year would play out with his unmatched work ethic. With various single releases under his belt, this year has been an outstanding introduction for the emerging artist.

Big Dante’s hit track “No Hook,” has exactly that, no memorable hook to follow along to but you will instantly be submerged in the enticing energy Big Dante brings forth in the verses that he performs. Fashioning his unique impact through heavy-hitting verses, the lyricism and knack for wordplay that Big Dante displays leaves little to the imagination as he lays it all out for listeners to relate to far and wide.

The sparse drums accompanied by the sweet sounds of a currency counter, pulse through the speakers as the vocals truly remain the centerpiece of this record. Flowing effortlessly on the instrumentation like a veteran in the Hip-hop game, Big Dante speaks fluently in finesse.

Proving that he has no games to play but the lyrical impact he makes in the music industry. Not one to step away from a challenge, there is a respective quality in the way that Big Dante can have you bopping up and down to a song with “No Hook.” Dressing this weighty track with his own sauce, the heat that is brought is not for the weak, so we advise that if you can’t take the heat, get out of Big Dante’s kitchen.

Hello, Big Dante, thank you for being with us at BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your latest single “No Hook.” What inspired you to take this approach of not putting a hook in your song when creating it?

I truly appreciate BuzzMusic for this opportunity to express my song “No Hook.” What inspired me to write “No Hook”, I would have to say all that happened previously in 2020. From February to May, I would say was some hard times, I had to overcome a lot. I just got a release from jail over an ole friend of mines and was going through some dark times in that frame. I wanted money, hint the money counter. I wanted more for myself and wanted to brag about that honestly.

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself as an artist and creative in the music industry?

So, as an artist, I would have to say I am very open-minded when it comes to me wiring my music. I don’t let anyone Influence my style, I love to be me and original and not cap about anything I have never done. Also, my creativity is limitless.

How was the creative process for “No Hook,” different for you versus other songs that you have created?

“No Hook” was different because it took like a year and some change off the music. I started my music career in late 2018, but I let everyone get to me back then. Now I am stronger and wiser, so “No Hook” was the first song I wrote after taking a long break from writing. Also came with a different style and everything.

With music varying from genre to genre, who are the musical inspirations that you look up to?

I have so many people I listen to daily. As I am always searching for new music, I am going to go off my Apple Music 2020. I listen to Big Sean, Lil Uzi Vert, Nav, Myself of course. Honest truth if It sounds good I promise I listen to it regardless of who you are.

With the numerous projects that you have released this year, do you have one that resonates with you more than others?

All of em resonates with me. All the music I made, I made different emotions. I wrote each song in a different thinking process. So they will all get the job done for me no matter what. Hopefully, it’s the same for anyone that listens to my music. I truly appreciate it.

What would you like your listeners to take away from the hits that you create?

Honestly, that’s up to them. I hate telling people how they should feel or what they should take away from something, everybody has different thinking levels and process stuff different. Long whatever you take from my music is positive and can help you out through whatever in life I would be totally satisfied.

What has been the biggest lesson that 2020 has taught you so far?

Oh man, 2020 had taught me to always stay hungry, stay motivated. And most importantly make sure my mental and health are good. I can’t make sure anyone else is good if I’m not.