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Black Lyon Is Back On BuzzMusic With New Updates On Their Music!

Welcome back Black Lyon! What have you been up to since the release of your debut single “Down Down”?  

Barbara: It’s been a super interesting time exploring writing more together and finding new creative ways of doing it. We’ve been focusing on writing and learning about each other as a band, really. There are a lot of challenges, finding the right people to work with, finding our image and identity, but it’s been extremely fun and we enjoy spending time together as well. Alex and I just need to try to talk less as we record, ha!  Alex: I agree with Barbara! And to that, I'd like to add that it's been a lot of time of simply working a lot and not releasing much. People might think we simply stopped doing stuff but in reality, there is so much going on behind the scenes! We're currently working on the next two songs as we're releasing this one [This Way]. You have to be thinking months ahead in this game. We finished this song in April and after that, it was all about the video and the next two songs. We also had the chance to release a cover of Sucker by Jonas Brothers, which we really enjoyed working on. And yes! Barbara and I spend way too much time talking while we record, it's really fun though. 

We’ve heard there are much-anticipated visuals on the way! What can you tell us about the upcoming music video? 

Alex: We're 4 people in the band and we're used to working that way, but then you start working on a music video and you have to deal with directors, producers, makeup artist, editors, etc. It's a greater collaboration! But the main ideas of the video comes from director Santiago Fierro, he heard our song and came up with this idea of transitions, of growth. He wanted to show through visuals the different changes we can all go through in life and he used a lot of symbolism to convey the message. Masks, changes in lightning, different sets, and having us individually in different places were some of the things he used to tell the story. There is a lot of solitude, which in a way connects with what the song is about. We all have to face these changes and growth by ourselves, no one else can do it for us! Overall, being our first video, it was a challenging but fun experience. Tons of talented people involved! Even my dad was involved as a video editor! We're so happy so many talented people got to be part of this.  Barbara: For sure! Those visuals were the result of a lot of hard work from so many awesome people. It’s meant to show the process of accepting yourself, your good and bad times. There was a lot of inspiration from the song “Como Nossos Pais” or "Like Our Parents” by the Brazilian composer Belchior. It talks about a young generation fighting for change in the times of the dictatorship in Brazil. We’re in different times, and I think there’s a lot of internal fights we go through now having access to so much information at once.

You’re an extremely diverse group with members ranging from Venezuela, Brazil, Turkey, and the Netherlands! How do you use your various cultural influences to benefit your sound?

 Barbara: We try to listen to each other’s native music and talk about our cultures sometimes. We talk a lot about language and rhythm as well. I’ve already tried learning some Turkish expressions from Ece - we’ll get there! Alex: We're slowly trying to incorporate elements from our cultures into what we do. It's not something we're constantly thinking because it has to happen naturally. This song features a bridge in Spanish, and it's something that's currently trending a lot. Who knows, maybe we'll have other languages down the line and rhythmic elements from our cultures.

How have you grown and evolved as a band since your debut? What have you learned? 

Barbara: We’ve learned a lot about each other. Playing music creates a bond you can’t really create any other way. 

What has been one of your most memorable or life-changing achievements so far?

Alex: Finally kickstarting this project. We planned so much last year that it feels great to go out and show our music!

What other projects are you working on through the end of 2019? 

Barbara: We have two other songs that we’re working on production right now. It’s a darker theme and sound that we’re exploring.

Alex: Yes! Besides that, we think it's time we go out and play our music. We've been spending a lot of time writing songs and producing them so we can build repertoire but we feel it's time we go out and play live! 


Reach out to Black Lyon & hear more of their music via their socials below!





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