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Blackout Orchestra Documents Triumphs and Troubles In New Single, “Siren Song"

After years of ups and downs, ending relationships, musical projects, and growing depression and alcoholism, Ben Vanbuskirk, the man behind Blackout Orchestra, found himself in the way of an oncoming train.

Through the support of friends and family Vanbuskirk was able to build himself back up from this troubling time and begin to find an escape through writing music.

His newest single “Siren Song” is a script of the climbs and falls experienced in his most difficult years. The ever-building beat within the track stays consistent no matter what and serves as a heartbeat, a necessity for the entire song.

The soft inspiring vocals take you through this storyline of trouble to growth through a very personal lens. Although very emotional and melodic, this track creates a sense of positive escape and movement for listeners as it continues to build.

With lyrics like “when you were lying on the road, sirens calling," the depth of emotion is so clear as one person becomes torn in two different directions. With little professional equipment, Blackout Orchestra was born amidst the 2020 pandemic.

Learning the keys to music production along the way, Blackout Orchestra was able to create a growing storyline filled with emotion and hidden positivity and we can’t wait to see this artist continue to grow off of the success of ‘Siren Song."

Hey Blackout Orchestra, we are so glad to have you at BuzzMusic! What were your intentions for your new single “Siren Song?”

"Siren Song" seemed to be a good introduction to us and the album - it sounds fairly upbeat but the lyrics get pretty dark. Lyrically, it was almost automatic writing - this little story came into my head about someone witnessing an accident and falling in love with the victim while they're in a coma. It wasn't until after I got it all out that it was really just a veiled way to talk about the feeling when you're in a relationship where the other person isn't really there with you anymore emotionally, but you're still trying to carry on as if everything is fine.

You have been very open about your struggles with depression, anxiety, and alcoholism and how you have grown from it. How do you think this difficult past helped to shape you as an artist and specifically this sound?

Though I'm extremely thankful to have gotten through it, even in the midst of self-destructive behavior I met a lot of interesting people and had a lot of formative experiences. Getting through it and learning to reconnect to me again, to put in the work and really build a satisfying life, is maybe not something I would have appreciated as much if I hadn't struggled for so long. There's a song on the record "Nothing But Blue Skies" - It's referring to a relationship, but it's the same thing - saying "That was hard, that was messy, but I'm better for having gone through it and I'm glad I had that experience."

As a newer artist what genre are you wanting your music to fall into and why?

This is such a clichéd answer, but what was really freeing about this project was being genre-less. Overall I think we could be labeled as "alternative rock" - but some of the songs are pure pop, some are folkier, or more electronic. It's really just serving the songs and trusting that it will be cohesive since it's all filtered through my own tastes and limitations.

You mentioned the limited equipment you had available this year to begin writing and producing your music, how do you hope to continue to grow your sound, and what are your next steps?

I'm extremely proud that on this record I've done almost everything myself - there's definitely a confidence boost in that, especially recording with just a few instruments, a few mics, and a cell phone. But I know so many brilliant artists that I can't wait to be in a room and collaborating face to face with people again. As good as I feel about what I've done on my own, I know it can be even better with the right mix of people to work with.

What do you hope this year brings for you and your music?

Honestly, all I've ever wanted was to help people, to make them feel less alone or a little more understood like the music I've loved does for me. So at this point, I just hope we reach as many ears as possible and can maybe be a little light in the dark for someone out there.

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