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"Blood On My Prada," by Victory Brooks Soars in Boujee Buoyancy

Victory Brooks reigns supreme as a Russian-born Pop-Rap singer and songwriter. Originally discovered as a rock guitar virtuoso, she was reborn as a highly stylized Hip-hop artist.

Her music reflects a wide range of stylistic influences, as she blends together genres through her spirited instrumentations, charismatic vocals, and unapologetic lyrical techniques.

Her most recent single “Blood On My Prada,” puts forth an amplified palette of eclectic vibrancy as she pairs the mesmerizing track with even more hypnotic visuals. Directed by the talented Ava Dotsenko, “Blood On My Prada,” is an explosion of neon lights, and an underground party vibe that screams LA.

Embodying the boisterous energy that she effortlessly oozes, Victory Brooks can be seen causing a stir throughout the evening's events. Transition through the scenes with the glamorous resonance pumping through the speakers, Victory Brooks can be seen performing guitar riffs in the vivid hues of lighting in a true rock star fashion.

A story unfolds before our eyes as a character named Afferia, a Russian drag queen enters the house. Almost immediately, sparks fly between the two and the night quickly takes a turn as the dramatics get put on hold to focus on the flourishing connection between both of them. Through the effervescent instrumentation that has us soaring through the scenes of how the evening will play out, we’re fully entranced by Victory Brooks’ wide-vocal range taking control over us.

The magnetism that drips from her very being is transferable as we suddenly feel a surge of poise and confidence rush through our bodies as we take in the drinks overflowing, and the crowd dancing about. Victory Brooks knows how to make a song that has you fluently gravitating towards her. Paired with a music video so eye-catching that we couldn’t look away if we tried, and you have a recipe for success.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Victory Brooks, and congratulations on the release of “Blood On My Prada.” What inspired the theme of this song?

Thank you for having me! That’s right, ‘Blood On My Prada’ is out on every platform now.

The song is heavily inspired by what I got to see and experience in Hollywood - nothing is what it seems. Loud boujee parties turn out to be dark and lonely. The life that many people dream about is just a facade.

“Dropped a couple of grand on my Tom Ford,

Flexin on the gram on em,

But I can’t afford to love, I can’t afford to fall for you.”

Also, a big part of ‘Blood On My Prada’ is about a toxic relationship that I found myself involved in. That person crashed my car so I couldn’t go, not to mention the mind games. It’s all in the lyrics!

Could you please take us into what the vibes were like on the set of the “Blood On My Prada” music video? What was it like working with Ava Dotsenko to bring the vision to life?

It was the biggest party I have ever been to. It felt exactly like it looked! Lights, camera, and a whole lotta action! Blood On My Prada was filmed in this really cool loft, I can’t believe the police didn’t bust us, we basically threw a concert in the apartment for the part of the video where I’m rocking out with the band! Working with Ava Dotsenko is always a great pleasure. It’s our second time collaborating after my previous video “Love Me Hard Before You Go”

Ava never fails to create stunning visuals. He shoots for the moon and makes it work.

Are there any memorable moments from the video shoot that you want to share with your audience?

The scene in which Afferia breaks a bottle over a guy’s head! I always wondered how they did that in movies. Turned out it was a bottle made of sugar specifically for the filming!

Also playing guitar, laying on the floor in the middle of the party, oblivious to everyone dancing. That’s basically my whole identity.

What is the message that you’re hoping listeners take away from both the song and the music video?

Not everything is what it seems. You can be alone in the biggest crowd. You could get yourself the world but still couldn’t afford falling in love. Nicer things in life can be very elusive, don’t let them trick you.

What's next for you?

I’ve been working on a lot of music. Literally about to walk into a session in a few. I can’t wait to fill 2021 with lots of guitar melodies, rhymes, and vibes. I’ve been getting a lot of support from my fans, which keeps me going stronger than ever!





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