Blow_Flyy Soaks Our Speakers in, "Blood N Honey"

From Dartmouth to Toronto, the dynamic hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter Blow_Flyy introduces us to a more organic side of modern rap with his latest single, "Blood N Honey."

Not conforming to the cookie-cutter ideologies of hip-hop, Blow_Flyy presents his unique and engaging approach that steers away from rhyming and amplifies storytelling. Without the need for excessive profanity and vulgar language, Blow_Flyy makes his natural talents all the more apparent, allowing his music to be suitable for all ages and audiences.

Now releasing his motivational single, "Blood N Honey," Blow_Flyy highlights his innate tenacity to achieve his goals and encounter the sweltering storms that will meet him on his journey to greatness.

Through heavy production elements and his fierce vocal approach, the single truly makes for an exhilarating listening experience. Hitting play on "Blood N Honey," we're met with a haunting intro through chilling vocal samples and crashing snares. Once the kick drum makes its appearance alongside Blow_Flyy's vocals, he begins ferociously rapping about adapting to his environment and preparing himself for the peaks and valleys of his journey.

What's interesting is that any listener won't notice that Blow_Flyy doesn't rhyme within his bars, as his intense delivery and story-like lyricism make the experience incredibly engaging. Blow_Flyy continues rapping alongside the powerhouse sonics and leaves us with gripping bars like, "-knowing I'm the predator and you're prey, let's pray, for the disbelievers, all the animosity, hostility." While the track ends with a sample of a motivational speech, Blow_Flyy leaves us feeling nothing but inspired to make our dreams a reality.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box with Blow_Flyy's latest single, "Blood N Honey," now available to bump on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Blow_Flyy. We can't get enough of the powerful and motivational tones within your recent single, "Blood N Honey." When did you begin writing bars and creating ideas for this single?

Thanks for the interview. blood n honey was a song that naturally came to me it’s easy to create when most of your songs tell a real story, blood n honey is one of many songs which I have of motivation. I think the world needs a song like this one sometimes and the things which I have experience motivation to continue going is key to anyone success in most cases listeners are usually inspired, and that’s what my goal as an entertainer is to do if I can do that, then great. I just knew the direction I was going in with this EP I write a lot of music so when my last EP was being recorded, I was writing this EP so the energy was there already for the song “BLOOD N HONEY”.

What inspired you to create such a motivational track like "Blood N Honey?" Do your songs usually leave listeners feeling inspired?

I’m into motivation, we all need that extra push if I can write a song that motivates great! I would hope my songs leave listeners inspired that’s what I set out to do and think about.

Who created the production for your single, "Blood N Honey?" Why did you want to add a sample of a motivational speech to end the song off?

Keke beats a very talented well-known local producer who comes from the same neighborhood as me which is also is the largest black 8 Generation community in Canada, North Preston. I wanted to add a sample at the end because it fits just right and being a young black man, a lot of young black men need not just motivation, but inspiration as well.

In terms of your music career, why did you want to create music that steers away from the cookie-cutter rules of hip-hop? Did anyone inspire you to take a different direction with your music?

I’m just making music I didn’t choose to steer away from, I’m just a different artist, I write and rap differently than the rap artists which rap music listeners usually hear. Never had anyone inspire me to take a different direction with my music, if you don’t evolve as an artist then you will show you have no direction, an artist that takes his own direction to me is an artist that is evolving and that’s me an artist that knows how to evolve.