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Blue Traffic Lights Continue, "Crying Out for Help"

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the young-blooded alternative-rock trio Blue Traffic Lights spice our days with their exhilarating and power-hungry single, "Crying Out for Help."

Known for their heart-pounding and psychedelic sound, Blue Traffic Lights best resides under the stylings of alternative-rock, yet never shies away from expansion and exploration. Comprised of Jolan, Philip, and Mathe, the three beating hearts behind Blue Traffic Lights continue to turn heads throughout our industry as they approach the release of their forthcoming debut album.

Now releasing their cut-throat single, "Crying Out for Help," listeners can catch Blue Traffic Lights in a sweltering instrumental atmosphere with help from their explosive sounds and exhilarating tones. While lead vocalist Jolan touches on themes of our world coming to an end as we know it, all three members blast through the track with vigor and strength.

Jumping into "Crying Out for Help," the venture opens with Jolan's scorching hot electric guitar whaling in the foreground while Philip's savory bass licks and Mathe's pounding drum breaks make their way in. During the first verse, Philip's plucky and stimulating bassline leads the way alongside Jolan's powerful vocal delivery.

Expanding on Jolan's lyricism, he tells a rather eerie yet highly relatable tale of our world falling apart at the seams and managing to find your way our safely. We must note the impeccable tempo transitions from drummer Mathe, as he adds vast heat and power to this stimulating track while maintaining the groovy and foot-stomping rhythm.

Don't miss out on the invigorating experience of Blue Traffic Lights' latest single, "Crying Out for Help," and catch the band's forthcoming debut album later this year on all streaming platforms.

Hello Blue Traffic Lights, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're getting down and dirty with the release of your powerhouse single, "Crying Out for Help." Where did you find the inspiration to create this striking and conceptual hit?

Well, we were really inspired by a lot of blues-rock riffs, like the riffs from "I Got Mine" by Black Keys and "Suffocation Blues" by Black Pistol Fire. We've always thought that we needed a really badass riff like that in our repertoire and this is what we came up with.

Could you break down the instrumental creative process for "Crying Out for Help"? How did each member go about creating and recording their parts?

We actually just started playing together when we came up with the idea for the song. Jolan played a guitar riff he thought was cool. He showed it to the rest of us, we jammed it out and we had a song. Our very first song in fact. We did some adjustments along the way through, as the weird break in the middle of the third chorus was actually absent a couple of weeks before we took it to the studio.

Who wrote the lyricism for your single, "Crying Out for Help?" Was this a shared process, or does one member handle your band's songwriting?

Our lead singer, Jolan writes all the lyrics in the band. Usually, he comes up with a theme for his lyrics or something he wants to express. After that, it's up to the rest of us to create an atmosphere that supports and carries his message through to our audience and on this song, Philip and Malthe really nailed it!

What should we expect to hear from your forthcoming debut album? Will the album explore different instrumental sounds and approaches outside of alt-rock?

The album will be a lot like following the white rabbit into its rabbit hole. You won't know what to expect from it until you land in wonderland. We're definitely trying to stay within alt-rock but there are lots of psychedelic and indie features as well. There's gonna be a lot of musical freedom in an aspect of complete and absolute chaos but we've made sure that the hidden beauty gets showcased every now and then. If we're gonna tell you to expect anything then expect a truly dark, but very life-affirming experience.

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