Bobbie Rose Shows Us "Wusgood" & Puts Listeners in a Trance with Her Latest Music

New Jersey's own, R&B artist Bobbie Rose is taking the music scene at full force with her luscious vocal style.

As a singer/songwriter, Bobbie Rose puts a ton of emphasis on giving her truth and wisdom to her listeners with full transparency. With inspirations such as Rihanna, Jhené Aiko and Amy Winehouse, listeners can expect to receive a dynamically thrilling R&B experience from Bobbie Rose, combined with a bit of early 00's impressions. She takes her inspirations and plays with them in flavourful ways, and once you listen to some of her latest work, you may share a similar vision.

Bobbie Rose's newest track, "Wusgood," exploits almost tropical flairs from the beginning, but the production is quickly brought down to establish a more low-key ambiance. You can tell right from the start that the flow of the track is natural and sets you into an enigmatic atmosphere.

The storytelling in "Wusgood" is captivating, and Bobbie Rose reels listeners in with her ultimate confidence and allure. There's definitely that authentic R & B feel to Bobbie Rose, but it's combined with slight contemporary segments embedded into her production, making "Wusgood" feel much more dynamic. Bobbie Rose is all about sharing her vulnerability in a bold, yet honest manner and "Wusgood" didn't fall the slightest bit short with that theme of her artistry.

What was the ultimate goal in mind with the release of "Wusgood"? What was your purpose for writing and recording the song?

The ultimate goal of “Wusgood” is to show people the other side of me that isn’t shy or soft, but the side of me that is confident, sexy, and loud.  I wanted to make a song that others could listen to and blast as a soundtrack that reminds them of good times. I wanted to make other people feel as good as I feel writing, recording, and listening to “Wusgood”.  

How would you describe your main objective as a music artist, and how do you feel that the release of "Wusgood" attributed to the advancement of your objectives?

My main objective as a music artist is to share all of my truths.  The good, the bad, and the ugly, all while resonating with others in doing so.  Music has always been how I feel emotions.  No matter what I’m feeling I can turn on a song or start writing a song and figure out how to express it.  As an artist, I want listeners to be able to put on my music and make their day better, get them through  hard times, or just remind them that they are amazing and should be flaunting what they have and who they are.   “Wusgood” contributed to this because the lyrics are showcasing how much I am feeling myself.  I may not always be so sure of myself, however, this song exudes pure confidence and I believe that it is hard to not feel it while listening.  It is a “feel good” song for people to put on as a mood booster. 

When was the moment you received the right kind of stimulation and/or inspiration to create "Wusgood"? Was there a certain life event that pushed you to write the single?

I was sitting in my room in New York, when I put on a beat and began freestyling.

First came the hook, just about being a “Jersey Bitch” and my usage of the word “Wusgood”.  The first verse discusses how I shot my shot at a guy, which is not the usual, however, I asked him for his Instagram and the rest is history as he is now my boyfriend.  At the time I had caught feelings for him, but was trying to pretend like I didn’t so I wrote “Wusgood” reminding myself that I am indeed that bitch, and it’s his loss if he doesn’t want me.  When I sang “I’m not tryna be your girl” I totally wanted to be his girl, but I was trying to remind myself and other women that we don’t need a man because we are just as amazing on our own. 

Do you find that the natural confidence and fierceness presented within your music comes easy for you whilst writing and recording, or was it a trait of your artistry that came with time?

Ever since I was young, whenever I would be singing, there has always been an innate sense of self-esteem.  It has always been the one ability that carried the love I have for myself.  I professionally recorded music for the first time in March of 2019 and I was super shy but after a few takes, all of the assurance in myself and my abilities fell right back into place.  Since then, the fierceness and confidence came naturally.  Throughout my daily routine the confidence isn’t always there, but the second I start writing and recording it’s there.   

What can your fans anticipate to hear next from you, Bobbie?

Fans can definitely expect to hear more of the journey between myself and the man both singles “Wusgood” and “Hit My Line” are about.  I love storytelling, so anticipate following along to my life through my music.  I am currently exploring new sounds and areas of my voice that haven’t been heard yet.  Be on the lookout as more is definitely coming!