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Boi Blue Is the Epitome of a Classic Emcee

Boi Blue is bringing back the essence of “Feel-Good” music. The release of his single “4 Tha Luv” transported us back into the urban 90s with the vibe of the song & delivery of Boi Blue. the production of the beat gave you this classic ATL aesthetic through the vintage arrangement. Just by listening to the beat itself you feel like you’re back in the early ’00s and 90s when hip-hop was thriving. Boi Blue raw lyricism and clean-slated delivery showed us that he’s more than just a rapper, but an emcee as well.

In my opinion, there are rappers who know how to flow to a beat and cater to the general public, but there are not many rappers who know how to flow, cater to the mainstream, and give us hard-hitting bars and a strong lyrical display, Boi Blue is exactly that artist. “4 Tha Luv” can compete with all the radio hits due to its intricate vibe, and also remain as a playlist hit because its energy is so fulfilling for any type of mood you’re in. The minute you listen to “4 Tha Luv”, you’re instantly feeling relaxed, chilled, and out of tune with any outside stress. Boi Blue’s classic style can be influenced most likely by his early inspirations, influential rappers such as OutKast.

You can listen to this soothing single “4 Tha Luv” here

Welcome to BuzzMusic Boi Blue! How was it growing up in Atlanta? In what ways were you inspired by your environment?

Hey! and thank you for the opportunity. Yes, growing up in Atlanta was very interesting. It’s a very cultural city, I mean a ride through Midtown can feel like an adventure sometimes. So much history in one place, its definitely a place that I’m passionate about.

Your song “4 Tha Luv” was a super cool vibe record. What was the meaning behind the well-executed lyricism?

It’s definitely a vibe, as soon as I heard the beat I thought..this is so 90’s! It reminded me of old school hip hop that I grew up listening to and that played a big part in the way that I wrote the song. Biggie Smalls “ Juicy” was one of my I thought what would BIG say.

What were some of the challenges you faced writing this record? How did you overcome the obstacle?

Writing this song wasn’t that difficult for me, but recording it was. I’m a very passionate artist and I’m serious about the craft. I actually recorded this song in 2017. I’ve recorded this song 7 times because I wanted to find the right sound. Almost three years and six engineers later we found “that sound”.

“4 Tha Luv” was the epitome of a feel-good classic hip-hop single. What motivated the production of this beat? How would you describe the creative process to “4 Tha Luv”?

Wow, thank you so much!! The creative process was a lot of fun my producer was playing around with old samples, he came up with the track in like a day. Most of our sessions are in house based so we always vibe well, nothing different really but that first line set the whole song off “ black and I’m crispy h***s used to diss me” we knew that we had something. The first verse and chorus was all freestyle, I wrote the second verse tho, I really wanted to motivate the listener. The title 4 the Luv represents the love for my city, and the love for hip hop.

What are you looking forward to in 2020 Boi Blue?

Sky’s the limit really! My debut album will be out at the beginning of the year hopefully, and touring is on the agenda as well.


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