Boisterous With a Seasoned Flair, Full Circle Enso is Serving a Taste of the Underground

Full Circle Enso is a feminist alternative rock band based in NYC. The band's unique sound is inspired by the 90’s grunge, hard rock, the Riot grrrl movement, R&B, metal, and early 2000’s punk.

With a goal to inspire their listeners and make them feel a little less lonely through relatable messages, Full Circle is fresh off the release of their self-titled debut album. Bringing forth awareness to domestic abuse, racism, environmentalism, and privilege, Full Circle Enso's is aimed towards the ‘weird kids’ who never felt that they fit into society’s cookie cutters.

Taking our attention to the introductory single on the album, “In My Dreams,” our world is completely flipped upside down as we grasp the raw and witty crux of Full Circle Enso. Repetition is key in making a melody sit with your audience long after the song comes to a halt, and the energy that surfaces with the reiteration indicates a tightly formed sense of Full Circle Enso’s essence as a collective.

There’s an edgy texture to the layers that syncopate in a jagged fashion as the percussion comes in colossal, and the guzzling guitar riffs add a certain underground feel to the atmosphere conveyed. With a boisterous vocal performance that tiptoes the line of being gruff and heroic, it’s hard not to be fully immersed in the “In My Dreams,” soundscape.

The post-punk-like vibrancy kicks this track into high gear as the grunge-fueled foundation is integral to the band's unique sound. Full Circle Enso projects themes of lived experiences and the realism of the world that surrounds us. Connecting a broody sense of amplified charisma, they manage to pull superlative elements and convey their messaging in a way that is authentic to the brand itself.

Congratulations on the release of your self-titled album. The band works so well together in delivering an extraordinary sense of confidence and realness. How did the band come to be? Could you please share a bit about each member?

Hello and thank you so much! We are originally from the Hudson Valley, NY and now based in NYC. As of now, the band consists of the two original members, Thalia Aviles (guitar, and vocals) and Marco Salazar (bass). On the album, you can also hear Michael McLaughlin on drums, and Corey Hurst on guitar on “Revolution” and “My Generation”. Marco and I met at our local music school growing up at one of their rock camp sessions. We bonded through our love for rock music, and we shared the same experience of getting bullied growing up. We really established the band in college where we continued our studies in music. My roots start in the church choir at age five. I picked up the guitar and started taking lessons at seven, and continued choir and band in high school where I picked up the trombone and piano. I formed many bands growing up like my first band, The Mighty Unitaco Sandwich!

Another significant group I grew a lot from was a pop girl group I worked with in high school called Fair Maiden. I would travel from upstate NY to NYC every weekend to record in studios with the group. I went on to study the music business and audio engineering/production, completing an associate's and a certification. Marco began his study of music at age nine with percussion and drums, switching to bass at age twelve. He studied jazz and contemporary music and played in the music schools All-Star band (pop music), and Jazz All-Star band, where they performed at charity events and festivals. Marco has been a public performer and freelance bassist since he was twelve! He has composed original basslines for local singer-songwriters, original projects like this one, and public events. He holds associate's degrees in both jazz / commercial music, and liberal arts/humanities. One of the reasons why this band is called Full Circle Enso is because it is a reminder that whatever is meant for you will always come back in the form it needs to, just like how we continue to create and collaborate throughout the years!

“In My Dreams,” is so packed full of your charisma that it makes for a strong opening song on your debut album. Could you please take us into the meaning behind the song and what it says about you as a band?

Thank you!! The song is basically about the frustration of wanting what you don’t have. I wrote this song at the beginning of college. I remember sitting in class staring blankly at the music theory on the chalkboard and thinking “There has to be more to life than this”!! I was sick of the day-to-day monotony. Going to school year after year, getting a nine-to-five job, finding “the one” so early in life all seemed like a restless assignment to the life I’ve been told how to live. Eighteen-year-old me was fed up and wanted results from all the effort and energy spent dedicated to my dreams. I felt hopeless and like my dreams were too far-fetched to ever come true. With that being said- that was a mindset of scarcity! Nothing is ever too big or unworthy of your effort!!

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process you visited when constructing the album? How does it feel to have it released?

It feels like a dream come true to finally release this album!! I wrote a lot of these songs in high school and college, so this album has been in progress for a while. The creative process was so collaborative which was probably the best part! I love sharing and executing a vision with like-minded artists/friends who are equally as talented! After about a year of not playing together, we finally started to play shows again, and then the pandemic hit! We started the production for this album the day before the quarantine was announced!! From there I produced our EP of the demos up on our Bandcamp, which our friend and engineer Zachary Vogel heard, and then would go on to produce our debut album! We tracked the drums and bass at Zach’s college, Suny Purchase, then Thalia tracked the vocals and guitar from home. We wrapped up the audio production during the summer of 2020, then started filming music videos. One of the videographers we worked with, Ray Bentley, did an amazing job capturing the psychedelic 90’s vibe we were going for in “See It My Way”. We’re all around grateful to have had the chance to collaborate with all these amazing people mentioned!

What are you hoping your audience takes away from the messaging of “In My Dreams?"

If our listeners take away any messages from this song I want it to be, to ALWAYS follow your dreams, NEVER give up on what ignites you, and to stay empowered! Also to be authentic! Dreams can come true if you work hard enough for them!

What's next for you?

Full Circle Enso is currently going through a lineup change. We are recording demos, constantly writing, and creating more for YOU! Expect our upcoming music to be experimental, punkier, and more outspoken than before! P.S- we are extremely grateful to our listeners, thank you! xx