Bomb Cyclone By Weekend Weather Is Much Brighter Than You Think

With a title like Bomb Cyclone, you may think the fresh release from Weekend Weather is aggressive or maybe even dark. It's not. As a matter of fact, it's much brighter than the title depicts. A feel-good indie rock record with a bit of a classic rock vibe flowing through its veins. Bomb Cyclone is loaded full with memorable vocal parts, and a great vintage vibe at times. Plenty of catchy grooves and progressive chorus lines that stick with you through and through. Most tracks are very well arranged and shed light that this is an experienced outfit of rockers that don't hold back. The guitars twang, the organs flow, the breakdowns are always killer.


It seems there are no two songs that are the same and with an indie rock record, that's difficult to pull off. Weekend Weather does it without a hitch. No matter which track you're listening to, once you hit that chorus, there's really no turning back.

You can hear the single "Honestly" along with the rest of the Bomb Cyclone record right here