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Brad Sevy And Living Love Exude Unwavering Faith On “Oh God, You Are My God”

This talented outfit continues to impress with faith-based releases that feed the soul.

Armed with unshakeable faith, an easy disposition, and the desire to use music to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone he can, artist Brad Sevy has dedicated his entire artistic career to uplifting his listeners. For this talented artist, music is meant to spread joy, and to do that, he founded the Living Love band to fulfill his wish. With his focus on positivity and penchant for making music that heals, this talented musician has endeared himself to listeners and communities everywhere, and as he lives his musical journey, he continues to heal hearts, one at a time.

Brad Sevy always had an inkling that his talent for the arts had a greater purpose. Before creating his Living Love band, his Wonderful Lives Productions outfit made video biographies of people’s lives and the life stories of their friends and loved ones. There is always a familiar thread with Living Love productions and every venture Brad Sevy embarks on—specifically, Sevy’s extraordinary ability to capture life in all its glory and warmth. Whether through video or song, Sevy transforms the mundane into something unique and precious because faith and family can bring light to our lives.

From beginning to end, “Oh God, You Are My God” is instilled with the quiet strength faith provides as it permeates our souls. A serene violin gracefully melds with tender piano keys to create a gentle yet powerful instrumental performance, fully immersing the listener in Sevy and Living Love’s expansive soundscape. Lyrics like “In the shadow of your wings / I sing because you held me” are delivered with an unwavering gratitude that starts to feel awe-inspiring. As Sevy and the Living Love band stay true to their artistic vision, they continue to impress with each new release.

Brad Sevy and Living Love’s new release, “Oh God, You Are My God,” is a rousing and compelling offering that brims with the gentle strength of faith. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream it on all major streaming platforms.

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