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Bri Builds a Deeper Message to Reflect Upon

R&B Singer, Songwriter, and Rapper, Bri is making a name for herself in Brooklyn. 

Bri’s latest release "Frequency" is a dark-lit track that created heightened vibes. This track is giving listeners an all-access pass as Bri expresses her life experiences through her music, writing about love, spirituality, and infinite presence. Her vulnerability as a songwriter has allowed her to deeply connect with her audience.

This track was the first song that Bri had ever recorded and through this process, she wanted to ensure that her truest and most authentic self was displayed in her sound. When describing her track she says that “The beat alone feels so multi-dimensional and full of vibrant emotion, almost like I’m in another world” her unique sound has made her an artist to watch for.

Bri is currently in the works of creating more unique music that is easily relatable to the individual listeners. Be prepared to expect a stronger sense of empowerment and playfulness in her upcoming releases.

In an interview with BuzzMusic Bri said that “There will always be a message to reflect on, wrapped in a production that you can bop to.” We love the unique artist presence that Bri gives off.

You can learn more about this talented artist here.



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