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Brocoy Releases Electrifying Album ‘Brightest Light’ With Lead Single “Needles”

Toronto-based independent artist and singer-songwriter Brocoy is tugging on heartstrings with his recent album, Brightest Light, featuring the powerful and emotional lead single, "Needles."

The multi-talented musician has poured his heart and soul into Brightest Light, promising listeners an unforgettable sonic experience that spans a wide range of genres and emotions. His blend of talents has already garnered attention from platforms like IDIOTEQ, Punktastic, The Bad Copy, Exclaim's The Eh! List playlist on Spotify, and more.

Brocoy's creative prowess shines through in the album's lead single, "Needles," offering a captivating introduction to the eclectic mix of sounds and themes explored throughout Brightest Light. Recorded in his home studio, Brocoy's hands-on approach brings listeners intricate layers of instrumentation and production, making for pristine ear candy.

Diving deeper into "Needles," the cinematic listening experience begins with tender strings and piano melodies alongside Brocoy's smooth vocals that sing a personal message of love, loss, and that bitter feeling inside. It's a powerful song that perfectly highlights those emotions deep within, and those things we must say before we regret staying silent.

The production and instrumentation seamlessly blend into this profoundly emotional experience, ramping up the cinematic feel that immerses listeners even deeper into the song. The emotion is palpable, and Brocoy does an excellent job portraying those feelings that can be too challenging to speak about. It's a perfect taste of his new album, Brightest Light, and a peek into his personal world that listeners will surely relate to.

Hear it yourself and find Brocoy's lead single, "Needles," from his 10-track album Brightest Light, now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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