Bryson Gamble Brings the Vibes With His Latest Release, “Without Me," Featuring Prince Smith

Bryson Gamble brings the sizzle and spice as he formulates the unique melodies that match his personality perfectly in his newest song, "Without Me," featuring the very talented artist Prince Smith.

Bryson is a profound artist who writes and performs about the struggles, life issues, and chasing your dream. Through authentically telling his story and giving us a very relaxed production, he hopes people can relate and are more open about setbacks, problems, etc. Bryson continues to strive and grind for a better tomorrow and grind hard to achieve better in his music. He embraced his troubles and made his dreams more of a reality.

"Without Me" is a breath of fresh air as Bryson brings us infinitely, downright energy and change in melodies like there's no tomorrow! He's chosen a great feature as Prince brings his uniqueness to the record, making it the perfect fit.

Entering Bryson Gamble's world, we hear the fresh rap rhymes he gives and the neutral change in melodies and keys. He mentions how they used to look down on him and how he's risen from that time. In the music video, we can see how good confidence looks on Bryson as he greets us with flavourful visuals to match the song's vibes. We listen attentively as he says things like "What are they gonna do without me?" and "That's a sign, that it's my little light, let it shine," which shows us has been looked down on, but he took what he had and made it a success.

As we go on, Prince enters and gives us fiery rhymes and unique melodies that take us on a beautiful journey with ourselves. He speaks about how hard life was as he visually shows us how he comes across and brings another unique element to the atmosphere. In the music video for "Without Me" they can be seen feeding off each other's energy in the best way while moving around to bring a safer atmosphere. They end together as Bryson Gamble flashes between scenes and stands firm with the most catchy chorus bleeding through our speakers.

Let's catch a vibe with Bryson Gamble and his new single and music video for the song "Without Me" featuring Prince Smith, available for streaming on all digital platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bryson Gamble; we admire the refreshing and playful attitude you've brought with your recent single "Without Me". So what inspired this breezy song about someone's unpredictable ways?

Thank you so much for having me! And I appreciate the kind words. What inspired the song really was the idea of introducing myself and my story to the world as Bryson Gamble. Bryson Gamble is a name that was inspired by a woman who saved my life. Her name was Mildred, and she passed away in 2018. Her favorite song was The Gambler by Kenny Rogers. So, I decided to honor her life by creating this amazing breezy song, Without Me, to inspire others like her to continue to chase their ambitions and dreams. This has been her main mission since birth, and I plan on continuing the work. What was the most rewarding part of creating "Without Me?" What did you appreciate most about the experience? The most rewarding part about creating “Without Me” was knowing that this song could inspire people. I feel like everybody at some point in their lives feels like they’re being overlooked and slept on, so it felt good to know that maybe this could be the song somebody can listen to when they want to feel motivated and prove people wrong. What I appreciated the most about the experience was how fast the song came together. Sometimes when I collaborate with other artists, it could take months for the song to come together, but I’ve known Prince Smith for a very long time, and we have great chemistry, so once I finished my verses, I knew right away that he belonged on the song and he really did his thing.

How did you want the production and sonics in "Without Me" to make listeners feel? What were your goals for the overall atmosphere of the record? So, I found the beat one night just by going through the internet. I stumbled across a producer from the Netherlands who goes by “Sayonara.” As soon as I heard the beat, I knew this was going to be a song that was going to allow me to tell my story but also use it to motivate the listener. I wanted the listeners to feel empowered by my story. My story has a ton of layers to it, but there’s always one theme that stays true to my ability to uplift a community. The goal of this record was to bring people with similar stories into my community.

Did you have any musical influences when creating "Without Me?" Do you want listeners to be reminded of other artists when listening to "Without Me?" To be honest, I can’t really remember who I was listening to at the time. I listen to a lot of music, hahaha. But artists like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Drake, and Lil Wayne are the ones who really inspire me every day, so I’m sure they played a part in the creation of this song! I do want people to be reminded of my inspirations, but I want them to feel comfortable associating me with those inspirations. This means that I want to have my own sound that differentiates me from them, but it puts me in the same direction career-wise as my inspiration.

What's next for you? I’m actually getting ready to drop another single very soon. It’s going to MOVE a new potential audience. I’m really excited for everybody to hear this next song I got lined up. It’s actually going to sound pretty different compared to “Without Me”, but the message is still going to be the same, which is to inspire and motivate.