BuzzMusic Catches Up With Allie Roar Through An Exclusive Interview!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Allie! We're so excited about your new single "Small Town Love"! Tell us more about the creation of the song!

Thanks for having me back! Small town love is my first single that I released last May. I have been floored with the incredible support that I have received as a result of the release and couldn’t be more thankful! I think that it really captures my sound and lyrical ability. This is just a stepping stone in my career and I can not wait to release more music!

We found "Small Town Love" to be incredibly soft and honest. As listeners, we feel connected to you and your story in the song. Is it hard for you to expose your honest and true side to your listeners through your music? 

Honestly no! I want to create music that people can relate to because that’s personally the music I connect with most. Songs that are honest and vulnerable. Small town love captures the tragic love story between a small town girl and a city boy. Unrequited love is definitely something that so many people can relate to

One of the reasons we love featuring you and your music on BuzzMusic is that you have a genuine quality to yourself, and your music that is easily recognizable. How do you feel you come off to the majority of your listeners, as an artist?

I think that my sound is really different. You have to be different to stick out and that is what attracts listeners. Id like to think that they think of me as an honest and unique artist as well as someone who can capture something that they are feeling that they couldn’t put into words.

Do you feel like you face any predominant challenges in the music scene? What kind of challenges have you faced that has ultimately shaped you as an artist today?

Finding myself as an artist has been very difficult. Since I am so young I can shamelessly say I don’t know who I am yet, and that’s okay. But it has made it hard to find my sound and the message that I want to convey within my music. However the more i write and play the more i find myself and I can now say that I feel like I’ve overcome this challenge!

How has performing been lately? Are you planning on playing more shows in the near future?

I performed a lot over the summer back home in Florida. I also played in the tall city blues fest in midland Texas ( my first ever festival!!) and that was an incredible  experience.I recently just moved to Nashville so I can’t wait to play around music city!!


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