BuzzMusic Interviews Hip/Hop Artist Phil.

Hey Phil. How has the Brooklyn scene been for you? Are you able to find inspiration for your music through your environment?

When it comes to Brooklyn, the only thing I really know are the coffee shops and my room haha I don’t really get out too much. But what I will say is that Brooklyn has definitely helped me settle into the city a little more. Being from NC, the fast & non stop pace of NYC made me feel like a mad man. Inspiration wise, it has ultimately helped me feel more grounded. 

What's the main challenge you've faced as an artist and how do you work through the obstacle?

My main challenge as an artist is not getting discouraged. You are always your own worst critic. I go through phases where I tell myself I am fucking amazing and then others where I convince myself I am pure trash. I am getting to a point where I am finding the balance between being super meticulous and also saying F*CK IT! You sometimes just have to trust your talent and intuition.

"Thinkinboutyou" was a beautiful single. What inspired you to write this? In what ways were you able to personally relate to the lyrics to this song?

L O L . Well I honestly had a dream about my ex girlfriend from high school when I was visiting my hometown. I guess the surroundings put my mind in a place where I thought about her. I started to write and stopped for a bit. I left and went back to NY, I got realllllly in my feelings one day and write about a girl that never “dated” but we were seeing each other and I started to realize that she truly could’ve been the one. You win some you lose some

How would you describe the production behind "Thinkinboutyou"?

Actually this song is the single from my EP that’ll come out within the next month or 2 entitled “Prince: The Prep” and it is solely produced by my homie Ashton Harris. And completely mixed by another homie FCUKFAME and is recorded at Stronger Bond Studios in Manhattan! The song has a reminiscent and nostalgic feel to me and I used that to my advantage by not filling it  is too much with crazy lyrics, flows or cadences. I just let it ride out the whole time. 

What's next for you Phil. ? 

As I stated earlier, I have an EP coming out within the next month or two and plan to have an album finished at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. And I have a few other collab projects I’ve been working on with a few producers and artists I know. Another single coming out with my homie J. Hasan on September 2nd, named “Hol Up”. Nice lil party jam.


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