BuzzMusic Interviews LyLirra!

What's up LyLirra! We're glad to have you on our Buzzmusic platform. Mind detailing to our readers a bit about your upbringing and your background?

I'm half Ukrainian and half Nigerian, I started music 2 years ago. I was really interested in performing so I started making songs and at first all the beats seemed similar to me but now whenever I listen to them I choose specific ones and they are so different now that I look more into it.

Where do you tend to find most of your inspiration for your songwriting? how would you describe the inspiration behind your single "Lingo"?

I find inspiration when I experienced something that I would like to share with an audience and when I know it would sound good on a beat. Good beats inspire me to make songs and when it comes to Lingo it's all about the beat that inspired it . It fit so well to my style and my flow that within 5 minutes I had a chorus down for the song.

What was the most specific element you wanted to convey in "Lingo" the most for your listener and why?

It's mostly a nice chilled back song , it has no specific message or elements, the chorus would probably be the most meaningful.

Was there any specific challenging moments you faced during the creation of this single in which you had to overcome?

Sometimes I wanted to switch up my flows and rap faster and I couldn't because of the speed of the beat , so instead I didn't rap faster I just switched up flows so people could feel the switch.

What's next for you LyLirra?

I'm planning on dropping an EP but I might drop some more singles.


Take a listen to LyLirra's latest track here, and access LyLirra's Instagram in order to stay updated!