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BuzzMusic Presents Internationally Acclaimed Musicians & Musical Duo: RAYAH

RAYAH consists of musical duo Rachelle Jeanty and Rosie Henshaw Rayah, who formed as one once meeting in Cabella, Italy. Together, the duo displays their spiritual and soulful principles within their ultimate sound, giving way to a transcending experience. Combined, RAYAH has extensive experience that once combined with their encouraging and moving lyricism, makes for a period of eloquent reflection. We've always had a soft spot for the soundings of RAYAH, and this mainly stems from the very first time we heard the duo--the natural feeling we felt in our hearts was an ultimate tell-all to us that they were the real deal. Their vibrancy and serenity that naturally pour off of their sound is what reels us in completely!

The group has recently come out with "Become Your Self", which is a serene and truly integrative experience. The song displays RAYAH's inert harmony with one another, showcased via their collective melodies. There's a part to "Become Your Self" that's aspirational and filled with such a positive hope. "You have to become your self, open up your heart to everyone else"---the group embeds meaningful and thoughtful lyricism into a fun and acoustic-style track. You honestly can't help but fall in line with the rhythm of "Become Your Self", mainly due to that genuine joyful ambiance the group can easily manufacture with one another. "Become Your Self" is such a positive and inspirational track that's ever so fitting to end off this 2019! Their song has undoubtedly made our "Happy" playlist because we know that "Become Your Self" will be that 2020 energy we need!

Listen to "Become Your Self" here.

Hey RAYAH! We appreciate the time to talk about your end of 2019 release "Become Your Self". We immediately felt the organic sound and energy inputted into this track. How did you go about the recording process to ensure this natural element to your sound stays intact?

Thanks Buzz for your support! We’re so pleased you picked up on our organic sound & energy - we were on a strict diet of organic smoothies leading up to recording. Haha. Well actually, we wanted to keep the sound close to our live experience so we kept it quite natural, playing all the instruments ourselves and recording it in our RAYAHMUSICLOVE home studio in Amsterdam. And before each recording session, we would share a small meditation, to really get us in the ZONE and make sure we were pouring the right heart intentions and energy into each take. 

“Become Your Self" was composed of absolute tranquillity. The sound of your voices together brings incredible harmony! How did you two know you immediately clicked music-wise once meeting one another?

It was instant sisterly love when we met at a meditation retreat in Cabella, Italy back in 2015. And then when we had a chance to perform together at a festival in Italy, it was even more magical. We both had the deep desire to collaborate more and see where the Divine takes us, but it wasn’t until 4 years later that we had the chance! June 2019, in a canal-side park in Amsterdam, RAYAH was born! And the inspiration has been pouring through us. Such a blessing.

We know that the two of you are very spiritual and seek to impart meaningful lyricism onto your listeners. Can you share with our readers where this inert sense of spirituality emanates from?

We have both been blessed with self realisation through our meditation practice, and it is our deepest desire to share this spiritual awakening with the rest of the seekers of humanity - so we can gather under one roof, as one united family, sharing the power of the Kundalini energy as our common Divine energy - establishing inner peace and then emanating it out into the whole world. That is the purpose behind RAYAH. One love! 

As internationally acclaimed musicians, can you share with our readers your most valued experiences as artists thus far in your career?!

Both of us have had extensive careers and adventures to our names. We both took The VOICE detour, which was rather uneventful (Rachelle in Germany and Rosie in Australia) Rachelle has done a Tedx talk and toured the world as a backing vocalist for, none other than, Celine Dion. Rosie has played, recorded and toured as sitarist/guitarist/singer in her own band as well as with Australian bands Old Man River, Shanti Fire, Ngaiire etc.

As for most valued experience?

ROSIE: I would say my highlight is RAYAH. The chance to perform my compositions with such an accomplished singer + percussionist as Rachelle, and be able to ignite a deep peace, joy and spiritual awakening in our audiences, and not have to compromise our integrity in the process - that for me is the true expression of the power of music and artistry. As RAYAH, we are a deep vessel for the divine power of love to flow through. 

RACHELLE: I couldn’t say it better than Rosie, except that it’s the greatest grace for me to sing such straight-from-heaven-through-the hands-of-this-amazing-divine-musician-called-Rosie songs. Our duo, RAYAH, is really the homecoming of my musical and seekers path. A Bliss. And a blessing. 

Thanks again, RAYAH! We're happy we got a chance to chat over your recent music! What can 2020 expect to see from the collective that is RAYAH?

We’re so happy you reached out to us! 2020 is looking super exciting. We JUST released our debut music video to our single ‘Become Your Self’, filmed in Austria, CHECK IT OUT on our Youtube page! (All sales from our single on Bandcamp will go towards supporting the animals effected by the tragic bushfires in Australia - Rosie’s home land). In March we’ll be performing in Amsterdam, Austria and Slovakia, in May we’ll be in Italy and Spain. Listen out for a few more singles, before we launch our debut EP later in the year! In the meantime, we wish you profound peace and inner joy for a wonderful year ahead! Follow our journey dear friends, we’d love to connect with you, and share the joy of music and meditation. Namaste.



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