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C-E-O Is Making Moves In Latest Single “On the Low”

Queens-based rapper, C-E-O released his single “On the Low” and he’s letting everybody know that not only he’s been laying low, but he’s been making moves. This entrepreneur, rapper, filmmaker, and all-around artist has the talent and lyrical ability to curate the perfect hip-hop hit! “On the Low” had a contagious hook with its addictive vibe and simple delivery. The verses in “On the Low” stood out to us because of C-E-O's transitional catchphrases and his well-executed metaphors. There will be a number of reasons you will fall in love with “On the Low”. Maybe it’s the sublime production of the beat, with its gritty but simple feel that sets the foundation for the single slapping delivery. If we’re speaking on the delivery, maybe you will find that C-E-O’s straight-forward approach with passionate projection will be respectable and compelling.

There’s an assured concept here, you will become enticed by “On the Low” and the artistry of C-E-O himself. C-E-O combines multiple skillsets to become an introspective artist able to intertwine with his vulnerability and reflection to connect with his audience. “On the Low” was vibrant and trendy enough to translate with the youth, but also classically raw to connect with the older heads of hip-hop. You can listen to “On The Low” by C-E-O here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic C-E-O! Talk to us about your stage name. What's the story behind C-E-O? My stage originates from the initials of my birth name Christopher Emile Ortiz, I have to thank my parents for giving me cool initials lol but aside from it being the initials of my government name, I decided to give it another meaning. Hip-Hop being such a competitive form of music the other side/meaning to C-E-O is the Competitor Eliminating Obstacles. This is the more competitive side of myself because in Hip-Hop you're always striving to be the best especially if you're a lyricist.

Knowing you do countless things from filmmaking to rap, in what ways does your multi-faceted skills benefit your artistry?

They benefit me greatly when it comes to writing my songs, I structure them as I would when writing a film, making sure there is a progression to the narrative I'm trying to convey in each song when it calls for it. It also helps when conceptualizing an entire album. I keep my sights on the big picture and the overarching themes of the album and how each song feels and plays a role in contributing to the story and/or message I'm trying to get across with the project. My filmmaking and Art background also comes into play when it comes to my music videos and artwork for songs.

Tell us about your new single “On the Low”. what inspired you to write this? I was inspired to write something that was a bit more fun & sound as well as being a status update to my audience. "On The Low" is the first song I've released in 2020 since releasing my debut album "Who is CEO?" in March of 2019, so I wanted to follow it up with a song that sounded different from the music on my previous project to keep my audience on their toes.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “On the Low” and why?

"On the Low" was actually pretty simple, it was one of the easier songs I had written. The most challenging aspect of creating the record was saying more by saying less cause as a lyricist, I'm used to packing as much material and syllables into every bar that I can. This time around I focused more on letting the vibe of the record speak for itself as well as an emphasis on melody.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

In 2020 I’m planning to release a brand new song for every month of the year (excluding March) as I continue to work on my follow-up album in the background which is set to release in 2021. I have big plans for that project so stay tuned.


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