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C Will Is Back With His New Release "All About You"

Hey there C Will! Welcome to the BuzzMusic community! Congratulations on your latest track "All About You". How did the overall production go for the song?

It took a bit of time getting it together because I wanted to make sure the listers felt that new vibe on a classic Hip-hop beat and I have to give it up to Pawel Kargon for the amazing beat.

We're incredibly excited to be featuring your track "All About You". We definitely sense that old-school flair you bring to a more contemporary hip/hop style. Where do you find your inspiration to curate tracks with such originality?

Honestly, it comes from my love of Hip-hop. Sometimes I hear a classic beat and my mind starts racing with possibilities.

What would you say is the most impactful takeaway message from "All About You"? Do you feel like you're able to connect with your listeners on that deeper level?

The message to take away; Is that you should never judge a book by its cover and if you know you're not on the level, you shouldn't be frontin'. I feel for the most part, from the responses I've been getting back from Listers the majority are able to get my message and I'm grateful for it.

How would you describe the music scene for your particular genre in Toronto? Do you believe that you can fully develop your sound in the city?

The music scene in Toronto is buzzing right now but I find it hard to get your music in the right hands or to the right ears but in a way, it's a challenge most indie artists face nowadays.

Can you describe how the songwriting/recording process compares to actual live performance?

I say 50/50. Still, sometimes writing is like breathing and other times you get writers' block or thinking of your own way of dropping some gems. Same thing with live performances. Sometimes the crowd can feel your energy and delivery and sometimes you go on stage with too much energy and start blowing out fuses in the crowd the key is trying to find your personal balance and for me, I would say it's a working process but my aim is to always be on point.

Is there anything exciting happening for you within the next few months?! Any upcoming shows you can share with the BuzzMusic community?

Well, I'm planning to release another promotional mixtape soon and after that just releasing singles. I'm also working on doing some shows soon, took some time off from shows to write. Just making sure the coin is right or if it's worth investing in at this point and time, 'cause I keep moving around a lot; kind of the curse of being a one-man Army.


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