Caleb Hearn And Pardueski Is Here With A Clubbing Hit, “Air”

Caleb Hearn is a rapper & singer who began writing and producing music at a very young age. Teaming up with fellow rapper “Pardueski”, the ball got rolling for this young artist. Both of them put their first album out in 2016 on Soundcloud called “Red In My Veins”.

CMH having great success with the joint project had us interested in hearing one of their songs, so we took a listen to “Air” and this is a BANGER. The vibe of the song is most definitely fit for clubbing and summer parties. It’s fun, outgoing, charismatic, and it’s a track that the youth can get jiggy with. The hook is catchy, “Put your hands in the air” while singing in an addictive and detailed autotune. What I loved the most was the different deliveries both rappers brought us, yet still maintaining a good bounce between the different flow’s. The lyricism was on point, and the arrangement of “Air” was killer! This is a song that instantly gets you in the “Turn up” feel the moment it plays. It’s a song to get ready for a night out, a song to drive to, and a song to party too! “Air” is ready to provide us our summer catch hit!

Listen to "Air" here and get to know more about Caleb Hearn below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Caleb! What about your artistry do you feel differentiates you from other artists in the same style of music?

I have been writing and recording music since I was 12 years old and I think what differentiates myself from other artists in the same style is my writing style and where I get my inspiration from. I’ve put out songs like “air” with a dance along to type of beat but I’ve also put out songs about losing someone and how it may impact a community. There are many things I get inspiration from, and I feel that by me switching it up all the time, it eliminates people in the industry from putting me in a box. 

What was your vision for “Air”? We loved the clubbing feel to the song!

Exactly that. I immediately after writing the song, could already see people’s hands up in the club, getting down to the beat of the song. 

Before we go and take a listen to the entire album of “Red In My Veins”, what can we expect? 

It’s one of my first albums I ever produced, with one of my friends, but I would encourage you to stay on Spotify and go listen to “Headspace” my first ever album I put out myself. It has so many different outlooks and writing styles. 

Who are some of your inspirations? In what ways have they inspired you?

Doubt has always been my biggest motivator. When I hear criticism or doubt from someone I love to immediately go work in the studio, I don’t know where that drive came from but it’s been there from the start. 

What’s next for you Caleb Hearn?

I’m starting up my own record label at the moment, we have guys working alongside to make it something bigger than we even imagined, but for me, I just want to keep putting out music for the world to hear. P.S If you are referring anyone to more of my music, please refer them to the album “headspace” it is also on iTunes and Spotify 


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