CallBox Is Here to Rejuvenate Us With "Tongue Tied"

In Modesto, California, CallBox is reviving fast Rock N' Roll with their approach to the music scene. Musical duo Victoria and Jimbo, combined with drummer Dylan make up what is CallBox, ensuring a lively and generous performance with their collective sound. Their EP was successfully released this past year, titled "Tongue Tied". The EP consists of four tracks, each jam-packed with the tasteful alternative rock elements.

CallBox is bringing a grungy and powerful sound to the end of 2019 with "Tongue Tied", the first track off of their collective EP. The track features heavy Rock N' Roll elements that give us absolute vitality! The levels of confidence and robustness present throughout "Tongue Tied" gives it such an addicting element. It's the kind of track we want to listen to on repeat, purely because of the energy it synthesizes within us. "Tongue Tied" can stimulate a sense of regeneration within listeners, just as robust rock tracks are supposed to do! That's a great tell-all for us that CallBox knows their sound, and executes it well. Being able to manifest a quality, energy-surging track with such an observable endurance is what wins CallBox over for us. Give a listen to their recent soundings, and see what will win you over with their dynamic soundings!

Discover "Tongue Tied" here.