Calm and Brazil Drench Us In Serenity With, "Not That Deep"

Hailing from Toronto, the Filipino hip-hop artist Calm and producer/musical visionary Brazil team up for their latest atmospheric single entitled "Not That Deep."

Moving to Toronto from the Philippines at the age of one, Calm aims to develop as an artist through exploring various music styles that pay tribute to his heritage. Teaming up with the self-motivated and ambitious producer Brazil-Dewayne Lee Poy, Calm and Brazil constantly deliver memorable experiences.

Now releasing their vibe of a single, "Not That Deep," Brazil keeps the song flowing through his rhythmic sonics and fiery kicks, punching through our speakers with incredibly modern tones and flairs. Calm takes us on a sensual and heartfelt journey through his honest and genuine bars, not to mention his sweet melodic vocals; the song honestly captures passion from all aspects.

Listening to "Not That Deep," the track opens with Brazil's silky-smooth production through soft guitar strums and gripping mid-tempo drum breaks. As Calm begins rapping highly descriptive and romantic scenes, he later spills his heart through bars like, "You looking rare to me, gave me the faith...I done made my mistakes, habits to break, I just hammer away."

Brazil keeps the groove alive and well through his intricate production that floats alongside Calm's melodic vocal stylings, honestly offering everything we want and expect from a powerful hip-hop collaboration. Ending the song with the utmost passion through the ethereal guitars, Calm and Brazil have truly made our hearts skip a beat with this sweet tune.

Bop your head to the savory stylings of Brazil and Calm with their latest collaboration, "Not That Deep," and keep an eye on the two creatives as they peel back layers of their talent for the world to enjoy.

We adore the sweet tones and passionate approach you've taken within your latest single, "Not That Deep." What drew you to the stylings of producer Brazil to collaborate on this single?

Brazil came prepared to one of the sessions with a bunch of beats and let me cycle through them. He had a lot of different sounds and I ended up picking this beat because I knew it was out of my element and I wanted to challenge myself to create something that involved more melodic elements.

Regarding Brazil's well-rounded production within "Not That Deep," did he create the beat prior to your collaboration? Or did you work together on the song's vibe and atmosphere?

The beat was created prior to our collaboration and I sent him a couple of demos with my vocals over them. Once we finalized the vocal takes we linked up and worked on mastering the track and adding other touches to the vibe of the song.

What did you want to get across to your audience within the passionate and descriptive lyricism in "Not That Deep?" Did you work solo on your songwriting process?

I like painting pictures where I can when I write, and I try to find a good mix of tangible and abstract ideas. With this track, in particular, I wanted to just write something people could relate to on a broader level while still pulling from my experience. I usually work solo when I write, but I worked with a lot of feedback when it came to the vocal takes.

Should we anticipate more collaborations from the two of you somewhere down the road? Was "Not That Deep" your first time working together?

We are both participants in the MusicLinks program so we have been in sessions together since the fall, but this is our first official collaboration for a track that was released. Our musical chemistry is on point so you can definitely expect many more drops from the two of us in 2021!

What would you like new listeners to know about you?

Tap in, it's gonna be an interesting year. I'm putting out music more consistently and exploring some different sounds.


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