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Camden West Lets Us Come Together as One With His Single “One Love”

Based in Las Vegas and Nashville, pop, rock/folk artist Camden West brings us all together with his newest release, "One Love." Heavily influenced by classic bands/artists like The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and Keith Urban, Camden West finds inspiration to write his uplifting music from life, his loved ones' experiences, and current events. Giving us something we can all relate to, his latest release "One Love" ties in exhilarating instrumentals and unifying lyrics that serve a great purpose in today's world. Preaching not to give in to selfish acts in this time of need, yet come together to fight this battle head-on.

Kicking off with bright acoustic guitar strumming giving "One Love," an upbeat and universal tone, Camden West brilliantly serves a piece we all need to hear. Comparing us to the sun and how it rises up at the break of dawn, he captures such a positive message of moving on from struggle and learning from experiences to grow. With cheerful instrumentals and Camden West's lush vocals, "One Love" travels through an empowering and whole sounding chorus to the calm bridge that lets the acoustic guitar stand alone. We can't help but feel warm in our hearts, listening to Camden West's universal lyrics on "One Love," a song that inspires each and every listener.

Be sure to listen to "One Love" here.

Hey Camden West, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re inspired by your positive and optimistic message with your single “One Love”. What inspired you to share such a communal and unifying message with “One Love”, especially in this time of struggle?

For the first time in 100 years we are all going through the same exact struggle. We are “One” in the pandemic. It’s a war between us and the virus. The only good thing about what’s going on right now, is the fact that the whole world has a common goal.

Speaking on the lyrics within your single “One Love”, Camden West clearly stops at nothing until his listeners can fully resonate with his lyrics. How did you write lyrics for such an inspiring and positive message, even though negativity seems to roam the air nowadays?

I was hanging out with my friends Tyler Bank and TJ Simpson while on a phone call with a friend of mine from Uganda. He said “One Love” as we hung up the phone and those words resonated with us. All we need is positivity and love and we will be okay. The song came out pretty fluidly and it had a very happy feeling to it.

We’ve heard that some of Camden West’s major influences hail from classic acts like The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, etc. How do you think these artists have made an impact on your sound and style?

I think that they have had a huge impact on who I am as a person and as a musician. The interesting thing is that most people can’t figure out where the influences come from in my music. My music is always guitar-focused which is what most of my influences base their music around as well.

Seeing as Camden West is now working on his third studio project, it’s evident that your creativity is limitless and always expanding. How do you personally think your music has evolved since your first release in 2016?

It has definitely changed and in some ways has stayed the same. I’ve always loved the guitar, so I think that that is a constant throughout my body of work. I have matured as a songwriter and I’m working hard to make sure that my art expresses exactly who I am.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? You can definitely expect some new music from me and a few side projects that I’ve been working on. As for playing live, I don’t see it happening at the moment.  Hopefully a tour in 2021! #BUZZMUSIC

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