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Canadian King Dylan Wears The Crown With “When the Stars Burn Out”

King Dylan is a dinosaur loving, gansta-rap-bumpin’, and athletic band geek born in Northern Alberta who finally found his Alternative Hip Hop stage name after an ex-girlfriend wrote “You’re the King!” in his high school yearbook. While living in Calgary years later, evolving his music with deep, personal storytelling and pop-driven melodies King Dylan was able to channel his quirks. This energetic and self-produced artist released the first single - “Play That Song Again” (2018) - from his upcoming 10-track album called “In the Darkness, We Can Shine” that tells the story of his late father’s passing and battle with cancer. The project finds its balance between acoustic guitar and piano with remnants of Twenty-One Pilots, Beck and Mike Shinoda. King Dylan has won countless awards such as Best Music Video at the 16th Annual Independent Music awards and the 2017 ISC International Song writing Competition for his 2018 Lego stop-motion video “Untouchable”. He has also recorded with several Juno Award winners, Swollen Members’ and Moka Only included, along with performing at many showcases and festivals such as Canadian Music Week and Blank-Fest in 2013, and Mighty Peace Day from 2013 to 2017.

“When the Stars Burn Out” has a beat that is out of this world, with King Dylan hitting every lyric on point without hesitation. He quickly, and I mean that very literally, jumps in and shows us some serious skill with the clarity of each word during the faster rap sections. This hip hop classic never skips a beat and keeps bringing the heat throughout this descriptive tune. Gaining traction right from the beginning and eased into the lyrics with finesse as well as each instrument is able to gleam. The two vocalists in this song balance extremely well with each other and reflect well with the fast paced beat strewn across this timeless Alternative Hip Hop song. A classic taste of Hip Hop most often heard from artists like Macklemore or Taio Cruz, with a clean mix between rapped and sung lyrics. Listening to this song it was a dreary day out, but found that I was able to draw energy from the positivity that was embedded in each word and note. With a beat that is bound to get you up and moving and lyrics that are relatable, King Dylan is on his way to the top of the charts!

Listen to "When the Stars Burn Out" here and read more with King Dylan in our interview below!

So fantastic to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I go by King Dylan, I'm an Alternative Hip Hop musician/filmmaker/Dinosaur-snob from Calgary, Alberta. I like 90's Gangsta Rap, Sour Patch Kids, and staying up late obsessing over small details.

You’ve said you write deep, personal songs – What was the meaning behind “When the Stars Burn out”? 

I wrote "When the Stars Burn Out" coming out of a depressive state of mind, feeling lost and not having anyone to turn to, so I realized I had to boost myself up. It's about letting your confidence and your unique qualities shine. The metaphor of the Stars burning out while travelling "in the darkness", means in order to know where you're going in life you have to create your own light, not relying on anyone else. Just be who you are.

What kind of challenges have you faced while writing your new album and how did you overcome them? 

The time before and during the writing of this album was very hard for me as my Dad had just passed away and I ended a long-term, mentally abusive relationship. So after seeking professional help the writing somewhat came naturally. Musically and sonically I also needed help so a few mentors in the music industry helped guide my sound a little more. The mix and focus needed work. So I decided to use an acoustic guitar on every track and that instrument was at the root of every songwriting session, which was a new experience for me since I am primarily a piano player.  This caused me to think outside the box with a new instrument and collaborate with other songwriters.

Being a personal writer, are there any artists that you draw inspiration from apart from your own experiences?

It's hard to narrow down who I listen to. City and Colour, Tech n9ne, Yelawolf, Frank Sinatra, Shinedown, Eminem, Ice Cube, 2pac, Breaking Benjamin

Is there a specific experience in your life that made you want to start writing music?

A combination of taking piano lessons at a young age, being in High School Band, listening to all kinds of music, painting, writing poems, and loving to create

What new adventures do you have in store for 2019?

-My follow-up Single and Video is coming in May, as well as my album being released on Limited Edition Vinyl for the first time ever on June 1st.  More amazing music videos and tours this summer/fall!


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