Canadian Recording Artist JCT Releases New Single, “Minha Gente”

JCT is a Canadian recording artist whose here with his promising new release of “Minha Gente”. “Minha Gente” was a rhythmically enticing song equipped with great flavor and a stylish arrangement that will have the listener focused in on each transition in the song. The finely-calibrated lyrics that JCT was able to deliver with his exciting and enigmatic energy made “Minha Gente” an easily accessible song to those attracted to the charismatic nature of dancehall and afrobeat music. However, “Minha Gente” still managed to create a genre-bending aesthetic showing a multitude of elements ranging from Reggaeton to R&B, even with an old-school Euro freestyle and flow.

JCT is a polished artist with eclectic vibes in “Minha Gente” which will for sure attract a crowd towards him and leave you wanting more. It’s this everlasting selfish satisfying feeling you get when you hear your favorite song and wish it could be longer! “Minha Gente” will have you replaying the single over and over again just to embrace the limitless vibe you’ve felt when you first heard the song. JCT has surely proven to us that he’s a definitive artist of the future and we’re excited to see what’s next in store for him.

Welcome to BuzzMusic JCT! Canada has birthed many great artists such as Drake, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and more. What is the impact you hope to leave on your listeners and how do you plan on representing your hometown?

My goal is to make music that my fans love to listen to and dance to and hopefully inspires them to chase their dreams. I'm a pretty positive person so I try and deliver that energy through my music. As a Luso Canadian, I hope to help pave the way for other Luso Canadians who dream of the arts as others have done before me.

Knowing you’re a multi-talented and skilled individual, what’s the most challenging aspect in the creative process of a song like your newest release “Minha Gente”. Would it be the songwriting, recording process, or production portion of the single and why?

The most challenging part of this track was trying to collide 2 languages and how we would layout the way in which it was delivered while still having it sound good. And then we had to make it all fit with a reggaeton style so it was a little tricky no doubt. But once I got started in the writing process, it came together pretty quickly.

What were your intentions with “Minha Gente”? What inspired the songwriting approach towards this song?

Well, my friends back in the Azores had been bugging me for something new they could listen to for a while but I couldn't wrap my head around the direction I wanted to go... Then 1 night back in Toronto I went out with some friends to a nightclub, and we took the dance floor over... It was in the little Portugal community in Toronto so the setting was perfect. We were out dancing having a good time and then bang... the chorus came over me... It hit me like a ton of bricks. The next day I was in my studio and Minha Gente was born. It started off as a quest to please some friends with this track, but here's hoping people all over the globe in all nationalities enjoy it, and it helps showcase our culture a little more.

You incorporate many of your different sounds and styles into your music to create a nice layered single. Which genre would you consider to be the leading factor of “Minha Gente”?

Although the track is in 2 languages, the most important thing was to make it fit with the reggaeton style. That's the direction I wanted to go in.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Well, I like to move in silence without too much noise, so I won't say much about what else may or may not be coming in 2020 and beyond... But most definitely lookout for the music video for Minha Gente. We've been hard at work putting it together and I'm excited to see my vision for this slowly coming to fruition. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date with the music video release and more music coming.