Capture Index Dex's Love for, "Vans"

Born in Louis Trichardt, a small town in South Africa, Index Dex is an artist who thrives on performance. He fell in love with Hip-hop at a tender age and can be heard today using popular themes like sexuality, family structure, and violence, Index Dex touches various overlapping and reoccurring subject matter, such as the relationships within popular culture and media.

The most recent single release from Index Dex comes flooding through your sound waves in a charismatic manner. “Vans,” produces a buoyant realm of Hip-hop that touches on the roots of the genre, as it meshes with a new wave sound refreshingly showcased through the melodic hues received.

Index Dex steps up to the microphone and the mesmerizing hook he performs leads his infectious swagger through the rhythmic bassline and enticing drum patterns etched into the tempo. You can’t help but be pulled into the composition of “Vans,” as Index Dex exudes his lyrical dexterity as he nimbly tiptoes around the verses heard.

Ensuring the weight of each word conveyed leans into the punchy rhyme schemes, you feel a cool, calm, and collected vibrancy pour through his artistic flow as the slick cadences come to him as second nature. Paired with eye-catching visuals that navigate you deeper into the overall concept of this track, we admire the playful scenery that drapes over your screens with vibrant colors and memorable fashion choices.

“Vans” is that record that gets you swaying to the beat without even noticing you’re doing so, and when you do realize it, you stay for the infectious grooves as they peak through a rhythmic soundscape.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Index Dex. We love the energy you bring to the speakers with “Vans.” What inspired this track's meaning?

I believe the song wrote itself, it's an honest description of, how I wear my pair of vans on foot at a time, getting ready for work. Yes so work fuels money so I can pay for my music, living, food. So my pair of Vans literally drives me to my dreams because the only way to live your dream is to create it, and every day of me going to work in my pair of Vans was a reminder of what I am struggling for. Now along with the growing skateboard culture around me and seeing how Vans is easily available for anyone, it was a no brainer for me to feel comfortable writing a song about them, I mean I went back home to South Africa and I saw poor kids wearing a pair of Vans and in the same breath, my boss, the man that owned the restaurant I worked for was wearing the same pair of Vans and you wouldn't say he was trying to look poor, it's a sneaker brand that anyone can afford. I also remember this one time I got on the underground tube and there was a group of about 7 girls and they all had the same pair of Vans. It was very inspirational to see that beautiful connection they had.

Could you please share a glimpse of what it was like on set filming the music video? With such an array of scenes, how long did it take you to film?

When planning for the shoot we wanted, to bring a lot of fun into account, so the plan was to get fun-looking places, we were able to get my friend to do cameos and luckily got to shoot at a ball pit bar Ballieballason. Served the owner of Ballieballason (it's a bar that has ball pits) a gentleman by the name George. He allowed us to do some filming at his Shoreditch branch and that ultimately set the tone for us. My e.p title Kundalini Energy is ready and I'm dropping my first single James Brown Good on the 30th of June.

When it comes down to the overall vision of “Vans,” did anyone assist you with the production or filming when you brought it to life?

I do my own music video along with my partner. We do them under our company named Jus jam. The help we got was from friends and strangers that allowed us to use their venues.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from this song?

What we hope to do is inspire people to be proud of whatever hustle they are trying to push. Be proud to be yourself. I think people are pressured into liking brands that don't serve them, just because some famous artists or reason that may not even have anything to do with their day-to-day life.

What would you like new listeners to know about your music?

I would like my new listener to know that I take my music spiritually, it's not just fun, it's bigger than that, I am growing and so does my music, my message. I don't water down the message, I believe that we either breathe life into each other or destroy each other, no in-between.